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If I had a buck for every flat I fixed, I could pun intended. On the other hand, in a collection intended for synagogue use - and the second collection of psalms is as a whole far more suitable to a synagogue than to the Temple - where there would not be a large choir and orchestra of skilled musicians, it would obviously be desirable to state whether the psalm was to be sung to a Davidic, Asaphic or Korahite tone, or to give the name of a melody appropriate to it. The record is intended for use as background music. Gripping the door handle as if she intended to jump out, she stared out the window. They did not have their origin in economic considerations, but were either intended to mark the vassal's tenant relation, like the relief, or to be a part of his service, like the aid, that is, he was held to come to the aid of his lord in a case of financial as of military necessity. Marsilius of Padua also composed a treatise De translations imperii romani, which is merely a rearrangement of a work of Landolfo Colonna, De jurisdictione imperatoris in causa matrimoniali, intended to prove the exclusive jurisdiction of the emperor in matrimonial affairs, or rather, to justify the intervention of Louis of Bavaria, who, in the interests of his policy, had just annulled the marriage of the son of the king of Bohemia and the countess of Tirol. Maybe he never intended to get his head wet—just paddle around a bit. I had intended to write the sketch during my vacation: but I was not well, and I did not feel able to write even to my friends. use "intended" in a sentence According to a recent audit, nearly nine billion dollars intended for purposes of financing humanitarian needs and economic reconstruction in Iraq is unaccounted for. 2. The truth is that the days were too short and the roads too bad for Napoleon to carry out the full purpose his "general advanced guard " was intended to fulfil. The general results of the last fifty years of the first period (130 to 80) may be thus summed up. The Marble Arch was intended as a monument to Nelson, and first stood in front of Buckingham Palace, being moved to its present site in 1851. Translations of the phrase AS INTENDED from english to italian and examples of the use of "AS INTENDED" in a sentence with their translations: intended . At Rouen the feast was celebrated on Christmas Day, and was intended to represent the times before the coming of Christ. cit. Broadly speaking, the " smaller body" is characterized by a rigid adherence to old forms of dress and speech, to a disapproval of music and art, and to an insistence on the " Inward Light " which, at times, leaves but little room for the Scriptures or the historic Christ, although with no definite or intended repudiation of them. were intended to protect the property of deceased persons, and also to secure the full payment of debts due therefrom to the crown. If it is intended that the first number is to be multiplied by the second, a special sign such as X should be used. It is believed to be the chancel of what was intended to be a large church. Kelvin ampere balances are made in two types - (i) a variable weight type suitable for obtaining the ampere value of any current within their range; and (2) a fixed weight type intended to indicate when a current which can be varied at pleasure has a certain fixed value. 60. similar. It was originally intended to form a shrine for Flaxman's marble statue of the poet (now in the National Portrait Gallery), but it proved to be too confined to afford a satisfactory view of the sculptor's work and was at length converted into a museum of Burnsiana (afterwards removed to the municipal buildings). Hadrian adopted, as his successor, Titus Antoninus Pius (uncle of Marcus), on condition that he in turn adopted both Marcus (then seventeen) and Lucius Ceionius Commodus, the son of Aelius Caesar, who had originally been intended by Hadrian as his successor, but had died before him. The attacks at " S " and " Y " were intended to be subsidiary; but great importance was attached to that at " X " owing to the vicinity of this point to " W.". Those speeches were intended for quite other conditions, they were for the most part to be spoken at a moment of victory and triumph, generally when he was dying of wounds and the sovereign had thanked him for heroic deeds, and while dying he expressed the love his actions had proved. Early in 1847 it was announced that one of the two members for the university of Oxford intended to retire at the general election, and Gladstone was proposed for the vacant seat. Half the bribes intended for the Russian court passed through his coffers. 2. FDA proposes to amend its intended use regulations for medical products (§§ 201.128 and 801.4) to better reflect the Agency's current practices in evaluating whether a product is intended for use as a drug or device, including whether an approved or cleared medical product is intended for a new use. Alex swung a gaze on him that was clearly intended to bring silence to the table – and it did. He was himself carried away by the tone of magnanimity he intended to adopt toward Moscow. Despite her suspicion there was more to him, she didn't want to see that part of him that made her feel bad for what she intended to do! 4. He made the mistake unintentionally, so please forgive him. Viele übersetzte Beispielsätze mit "is intended with" – Deutsch-Englisch Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen. Early in 1897 a police force was sent:to eject the settlers, but encountered strong resistance, and suffered heavy loss without being able to effect the purpose intended. Az ember tragoedidja (The Tragedy of Man), by Emeric Madach (1861), is a dramatic poem of a philosophical and contemplative character, and is not intended for the stage. All these officials unite in their own persons the judicial and executive functions, under the " Law of the Vilayets," which made its appearance in 1861, and purported, and was really intended by its framers, to confer on the provinces a large measure of self-government, in which both Mussulmans and non-Mussulmans should take part. His caution to her about the sharks hadn't discouraged her, though, as he had intended. Many of the pieces are distinguished by a peculiar creamy whiteness of glaze, suggesting the idea that they were intended to imitate the soft-paste wares of China. At that point he intended to put it in both their names. This line was intended to leave the OrenburgTashkent line at Arys (146 versts N. It was intended later to continue this line from Vierni to Semipalatinsk (about goo versts) and join up with the Trans-Siberian line. Having arranged matters thus, Denisov and Dolokhov intended, without reporting matters to the higher command, to attack and seize that convoy with their own small forces. Bannockburn); further, the deep mud prevented their artillery from taking part, and the crossbowmen were as usual relegated to the rear of the knights and men-at-arms. The central sculptures of the western pediment of the Parthenon, which Morosini intended to take to Venice, were unskilfully detached by his workmen, and falling to the ground were broken to pieces. She drew near, both hopeful and dreading what he intended to do. Just as attendants are provided for the dead, so the god receives sacrifices intended to put slaves at his disposal. The book is a work of fiction and not, 16. The side-cap, iron fixed to the land-side of the frame, is intended to keep the edge of the unploughed soil vertical and prevent it from falling into the furrow. Natasha did not want to go, but could not refuse Marya Dmitrievna's kind offer which was intended expressly for her. Specimens on the bark of trees require pressure until the bark is dry, lest they become curled; and those growing on sand or friable soil, such as Coniocybefurfuracea, should be laid carefully on a layer of gum in the box in which they are intended to be kept. From that place it was intended to push it down the Amur to Khabarovsk, and finally to proceed up the Usuri to Vladivostok. book intended for students Buch {n} für Studenten merchandise {sg} intended for export All of you, save Rhyn, who was never intended to set foot outside of Hell. The precarium was a form of renting land not intended primarily for income, but for use when the lease was made from friendship for example, or as a reward, or to secure a debt. Examples of intended in a Sentence. in diameter, covered with a heap of stones, like a small cairn, may sometimes be seen; these were possibly intended for the burial of slaves or less important members of the tribe. The advertisements are intended to improve the company's image. The town was founded in 1854, and intended to replace the capital, San Salvador, which was ruined by an earthquake in that year but soon afterwards rebuilt. Being intended for the church, he obtained a benefice in the cathedral of Fermo. 2. Piedmontese finances had been strained to breaking-point to organize an army obviously intended for other than merely defensive purposes. Some of the rock chambers originally intended for tombs were afterwards converted, perhaps under pressure of necessity, into habitations, as in the case of the so-called " Prison of Socrates," which consists of three chambers horizontally excavated and a small round apartment of the " beehive " type. There can be no doubt, at all events, that Abelard himself intended to find a compromise. Under the old Norfolk or four-course rotation (roots, barley, clover, wheat) land thus seeded with clover or grass seeds was intended to be ploughed up at the end of a year.

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