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I’m planing to get my first acustic guitar, since I’m a beginner, only 1 year of experience,I like to play most rocknroll, blues and some funk music. I think you might be asking the wrong question, though. Hey Rich. If they dont specify a Spruce, then its a standard spruce. While Takamine would go on to pioneer the acoustic-electric guitar in the 1970s, they're still … Thank you man!! There are a few great guitars worth considering in the G30 series, including the black Takamine GD30-BLK, the natural Takamine GD30CE-NAT (pricier because of the electronics and cutaway) as well as the Takamine GF30CE-BSB which again, is pricey because of the color and electronics. Hi, nice post! Play a bunch of them at music stores and you may find “the one”. They were pretty new to the US and I remember looking at one of their brochures of a little ole Japanese craftswoman laboriously working on a guitar. Hi Guys. Made in Japan and Japan only Takamine can be easily decoded. The top features a brilliant g Show More The PTU241C dreadnought was built in Takamine's Japanese factory in Nakatsugawa. This will be my first acoustic, and it looks like a good one to learn on. It has a solid spruce top and a solid sapele back and sapele sides. Any suggestions? Takamine EG530SC. Learn How. I can’t say this more urgently that folks looking for goo, inexpensive acoustics should really look at those Takamine G Series. The main difference between mine and yours is that mine has a solid spruce top rather than laminate. It’s difficult to do an entire Takamine G Series review because it includes such a wide range of guitars, but for the sake of a person looking to buy a beginner guitar, I want to look at the options that the G Series provides. Not as overpriced as Martin but still expensive, I havent found a Takamine that couldnt surpass the competition when the dollar values are close. and change. The Takamine G124 is based on the traditional design of Antonio Torres, a historically famous Spanish luthier that helped innovate the design of the guitar in the 19th century. This is what will happen over time with a laminate top, even the ones made by Takamine. This article will help you get a quick understanding of the differences between the various levels that comprise the Takamine Pro Series. The G20 is not a bad guitar, but it is not up to par with the G30. The point is “I FOUND THE ONE”. Is it a mistake in the description or were they laminated back years? It sports a comfortable construction for great playability and comes at an affordable price. What are your options? Dont confuse it with the EF341SC. Anyway, every one that I have seen has been ideal. The product names illustrate the simplification. It was a very nicely constructed piece of work but even with the sandpaper like thingy for the lap area for sitting it would always roll out a bit from me. If you’re a regular traveller who doesn’t want to risk taking your incredibly valuable 1930s acoustic on the road, but still want a Let me first say that I am not an expert in Washburn guitars. Really appreciate if someone can guide me. Make sure to factor this in when you are setting your spending limit. First let me say, I am not familiar with the EG523SCB-12. I’d say it was between $500-$600CDN. There was no GF15CE years back, unless you mean 1 or 2 years. From there I can tell you that a GD30CE is not only a great beginner guitar, its quite simply a great guitar. These range widely in price, but you can find many that are excellent alternatives to the G320. The guitar without electronics also doesnt have a cutaway so it can produce a fuller sound. I already bought the G20 In a few days I’ll have it. The abalone inlays and rosewood head cap are particularly nice touches on this guitar and lend to its stunning look. I sold it a few years ago, actually losing money! Takamine EG523SC Acoustic Guitar Review. Which email did you send your question to ? Thankfully the cost is cheap to have a local shop do a set up, if its needed. I have en EG523SC and I also have the EG523CDX-HB which is the same guitar but with a 3 piece quilted maple back. The GD2-NS is comprised of a solid cedar top, as well as solid mahogany sides and back. It’s the low end of the G series. Buying any guitar in the G series means that you will not have to make another purchase for quite some time. Wood, wood, wood, is the only material to build a guitar. Most of the Jasmine guitars use Nato necks. Long story short…I did not need this guitar. On the other hand, you are also giving up the chance to go electric, and what made Takamine famous was their electronics. Hi, I’m not sure if this is an active thread anymore, but these are the details I was able to find out regarding the TG51OS if anyone is interested. There is nothing like paying a fortune for an instrument and having it become useless within a year or two. It has a dreadnought body. When I was sending the email I realized you may have gotten the model number wrong. The action is generally very nice. The biggest difference between the 2 is the amp. Read user reviews for Takamine EG334SC Dreadnought Cutaway Acoustic-Electric Guitar and see over 325,000 product reviews at zZounds.com. Just some extra details on the guitar. For $500USD you can get the GD71CE-NAT which is a bigger step up especially for the electronics. Thanks for the post. All of those numbers seems confusing at first but they all have significant meaning. The New Yorker is our smallest full-scale guitar. They have one. Pretty sure the $300 Yamaha doesnt have a solid top, let alone half the quality of a Takamine. Each guitar manufacturer has their own “code” for naming their guitars, so as I dive into the Takamine G Series I want to first take a look at how they classify their guitar. Takamine first became infamous for cloning Martin guitars, and producing a better quality guitar at 1/3 to 1/2 the price. Pick it up, take the fast mahogany neck in your hand, strum a few chords, and revel in the harmonic richness resonating from the solid spruce top. I’m deciding between gd51ce (d body) and gn51ce (nex body). How is the action on this model and is this guitar suitable for a beginner? The Takamine Pro Series P7DC Dreadnought Acoustic-electric guitar rewards you with its mellifluous sonority, understated good looks, and buttery playability. How durable they can be? You should also keep in mind that these guitars d… For that you get Rosewood back and sides instead of mahogany. I just received an email from Takamine in Japan, which said exactly the same thing. Takamine P3 NY sound example Georgi D. improvise Yelawolf's ( Till it's Gone ) with guitar loops on Jam Man Solo XT. Takamine g series get a bad rap in the forums for being cheap Chinese guitars, but I have to say mine is really beautiful. What do you think of this guitar? By a few I mean around $30. I think it was the B-45. This will depend on your personal preference. If you are in the market for one, it can be difficult to determine which one to purchase. Are you in Australia ? I’m going to use the Takamine GF30CE-BSB as an example (see the picture to the right). Sign In. Great info. It was a great piece of literature. Played this guitar at the Gear Fest for the first time. You just decide if you want to spend the extra $$$ to step up. Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Solid cedar top with mahogany back and sides. They stand up well under heavy use and last forever. A dual action truss rod is installed to make sure the neck doesn’t warp or bow, making the strength of this guitar is remarkable. You wont be disappointed. I have heard the 20 series do too, but I havent played one to confirm. Great information. Each piece is made from black walnut/maple, but it gives off a very upscale feel. Hi Monk. I personally own a Takamine jumbo that I have lent to my youngest son and other makes, so I have some experience with them. Fancy a sunburst color? A Takamine, and the gift of music, always makes a great Christmas present. I’ve been looking around for some information on the guitar, but because the model was discontinued, it is difficult to find out what the specs are. Today, in 2018, Takamine’s Pro Series is ranked among the world’s finest guitars that are designed for serious players and professional musicians. Hey Darren, what do you think about GD30CE? Battery only lasts a couple of days! Hi Darren, I have read the entire thread looking for a response regarding the action on the GD30CE-NAT. Sorry to hear about the Jasmine. I would be grateful if anyone has some information they can share. This time, we’ll be looking at a Takamine GD93CE acoustic/electric dreadnought guitar.Takamine guitar company was founded in 1959 in Japan and has been active since then.. Takamine is very well-known with their unique approach in guitar making, and I believe these what really set them apart from their competitors. I have had this feeling about 3 times in the past 30 years. Do you know what kind of spruce they use for the top? The 70 is slightly higher price, but realistically both are around the $550 CDN mark. Thanks! If you are looking for a guitar that offers exquisite clarity and loudness, this is certainly something you will find here. So who has better electronics than Takamine ? On the flip side, if you like playing music that does not rely heavily on a bass line, you should be pleased with these guitars. Super comfortable to play when seated or standing, the tone is sweet and clear with a frequency range that makes it stand out in the mix. What do you think ? Write a Review Discounted Price $239.99 Compare + Add to Cart. I am not really a beginner and I am looking for a nice sound guitar, I checked this out a I think it is a good option. I’m confused between Taylor and Takamine. I am guessing you meant EG540C. Read your thread with great interest and in total agreement. Click my name and join the Takamine Group on Facebook. I sold it too a few years ago and profited. In short, the Takamine EG128SC offers an excellent value when compared to guitars of similar construction or price. You will not be disappointed. For a beginners guitar, look at Yamaha, Fender, Epiphones and Ovations. Nothing wrong with mahogany, but rosewood is just a little sweeter. And the final name which makes up the prestigious list of the Takamine G series review is the ever-popular Takamine G Series GB30CE-NAT Acoustic-Electric Bass Guitar! It was easy to play of course and had that mahogany sound. I will pass along your serial number to ESP and see if they cant find an answer for you.

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