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Here — at what's called the Western Wall — Jews mourn a horrible past, and pray for a better future. In this culture, food is love, and seems to celebrate the bounty of the land. Nablus is the second city of the West Bank in population, with a fine modern center and a long history. Only though them. Good travel is about opening one's self to empathy. There is a wonderful infrastructure for tourism. But during a Muslim service in 1994, an Israeli settler entered here with his gun and killed 29 Palestinian worshippers. The land Israelis and Palestinians occupy is, for a third of humanity, literally holy land. There's history everywhere, and within a two-hour drive of Jerusalem you can take a sweeping tour of sites illustrating its tumultuous past. I love him, I love everybody. Daughter: …to do everything together, now no. With the help of my Jewish guide, Abie Bresler, observing the way people dress comes with cultural insights: Rick: Walking down the street there are so many different fashions, different ways people dress. And they claim it's been effective — noting that since its construction, there's been almost no terrorism. Having traveled in the last year at length in Israel and Palestine, I am very enthusiastic about people traveling there. Kamal: We are in Palestine. Students: Insha'Allah. Getting around is easy. About 15 percent of Israeli Jews are Orthodox — very religious, and living conservative lifestyles that require them to be apart in many ways. She has a whole section in the Koran just named after her. But, when tensions are low, Palestinian families are allowed to enjoy some Israeli Dead Sea resorts. We don't fight it; we don't do anything against it. It's typical in Palestinian culture that many generations live under the same roof. We can go out together and no judgment, nothing. The Muslim Quarter, with over half of the Old City's population, is Arab. Today's vistas feel timeless. The epic stories of the world's three great monotheistic religions have played out on this tiny piece of real estate. Rick Steves' Europe. Israeli troops are posted here in the name of security. Thanks for joining us. I am a big fan of Rick Steves and his episodes about traveling. Everybody said, "We want peace." The security of the Israelis, the families, the children, then we can speak about all the other things. My history goes back not to the…to the line, whatever the line is, my history goes back thousands of years and in my history this is part of Israel. A no-man's-land with Jewish political art decorating closed buildings divides the two communities. Rick Steves' The Holy Land: Israelis and Palestinians Today. That leaves Ramallah to host the Palestinian government and international agencies. 'Cause we're not. Holy Land Tour. While he certainly has plenty of detractors, this Palestinian statesman, who led the PLO from 1969 until 2004, is without a doubt the father of modern Palestine. About three-quarters of all Israelis are Jewish. In a trendy café, it was hard to tell who's who. Photographs of the first settlers show early Zionists returning to their ancestral homeland — starting as a trickle in the 19th century, and becoming a flood after World War II. An expert political, interfaith, and religious Holy Land guide, he lives in Bethlehem and is the Palestinian guide for National Geographic expeditions. 22:02 Rick: Ah, so everybody who's wearing a yarmulke, it's a constant reminder the maker is up above. Scandinavia And you're not using it, you know? Rounds of olive paste are pressed into a weeping mass. We also learn about security walls, disputed settlements, and the persistent challenges facing the region. As a veteran of 8 Rick Steves tours, I’m hoping some time soon Rick will re-introduce a Rick Steves Tour of Israel that perhaps includes Egypt & Jordan. Husam Jubran is a Muslim Palestinian guide and Fulbright scholar with a master's degree in conflict transformation and peace-building. Hi, I’m Rick Steves, back with more travels. It's a very contentious issue, and Israel seems determined to keep Jerusalem whole and in its control. God intervened and saved Isaac. Kobe: ...avon. Insha'Allah. He's a knowledgable guide who knows Israel well (a former press relations officer with their military). For so many people, Jerusalem is the closest place on earth to heaven. Rick: L'chaim! Every Friday I say this message for everybody. I didn't want to politicize this show. Rick: What do olives mean to the Palestinian people? Sahtein. This service is a kind of cultural boot camp, as even fresh-off-the-boat immigrants emerge as good Hebrew-speaking Israelis. Husam: I'm hoping and that's part of the things I'm involved in, to create, plant seeds, hopefully maybe 10 years, 15 years from now people will realize the importance of living together and having one pluralistic democratic state. Israel Holy Sites Tour: Christian Sites, Bible Tour of Israel, Holy Land Travel, Tourist Attractions It was so interesting for me to be talking to Palestinians and Israelis. America has spent a lot of money in the Middle East, and lots of military capital as well. It's harvest time! Yad Vashem also celebrates the creation of modern Israel. Land is treasured, land is disputed, and land is the basis of dreams. A young father, he was enjoying what he considers the good life: to be a farmer, back to nature, and raising his kids in an idyllic settlement in the West Bank. Palestinians living in the West Bank, while nominally autonomous, are living under an Israeli occupation. In preparation for this work, I did a lot of reading and documentary-viewing and so on. But I'd had no personal experience there. Rick: I think this a beautiful, beautiful welcome here. The historic town of Jaffa — now consumed by the sprawl of Tel Aviv — was the Ellis Island of the new state. Rick: So what is the hope for…for the future? Students: Yeah. Today the dark, sprawling church is the most sacred site in Christendom. Benny charges $375 per day without car, $350 per 4 hours with a car (max 4 people), $590 for 10 hours in his car, and $620 for 10 hours in his luxury van (up to seven travelers). So I thought it might be a good idea to go there with a travel writer's perspective, with open eyes and an honest curiosity. There are many people in the United States who care deeply about Israel, and there are also a lot of people in the United States — Palestinian Americans especially — who care deeply about the challenges of the Palestinian people. European Cruising 101 The tension between the communities is illustrated by a wire net that protects the Arab food and clothing market from the garbage of the Jewish residents above. Emperor Constantine, the first Christian Roman emperor, had this church built in 326. Galilee is popular among Christian pilgrims. In ancient times the Roman Emperor named it the "New City" — that's "Neapolis," or "Nablus.". Tel Aviv/Holy Land. Rick: And it's like the rabbis are almost like pop stars — they have their own following. Benny: Yeah — you can say it is typical Israeli. Later, Palestinians — chafing at the loss of their land and freedom — staged two uprisings, or "intifadas." Two-thirds of Palestinian people became refuges in 1948, dispersed in 59 refugee camps, and most of them have these old, rusty keys for doors that do not exist anymore. Twins Tours & Travel Ltd. specializes in both individual and group tours. Watch the interview. But when they get married they take it one step upwards, and they cover their hair in public. They call this place Temple Mount, believe it to be the center of the earth, and have worshipped here for 3,000 years. What Israelis call a "security fence" Palestinians consider an affront to their dignity, and a land grab, as it often reaches over the internationally agreed-upon border and into Palestinian territory. Jerusalem is a sprawling and modern city of about 800,000 people. Rick: And what does that…? Ireland Hi, I’m Rick Steves, back with more travels. Get to know Israelis. I wanted a program that would encourage people to travel there themselves. This powerful museum and memorial chronicles the systematic slaughter of 6 million Jews by Nazi Germany. It shows the spirit of Zionism — that determination of those who came both as concentration-camp survivors and refugees from Europe to forge for themselves a state for the Jewish people. We found in Palestine and in Israel that people were generally very open and willing to talk with our camera rolling. dagantrl@gmail.com And most of those live here in Bethlehem. "Rick Steves is having dinner with our enemies!" Posted on October 30, 2013 November 27, 2013 by Rick Steves. We'll learn about security walls, controversial settlements, and the persistent challenges facing the region. Season 1, Episode 1 TV-G CC SD CC HD. Tour Account › Travel Forum › Home / Travel Forum / Beyond Europe / Tel Aviv/Holy Land; Please sign in to post. Rick: That's my hope. Israel is developing settlements — fortified communities on the tops of hills — deep into the West Bank. Watch the interview. Join host Rick Steves on a friendly 2-hour loop around Ireland in four half-hour "Rick Steves' Europe" TV shows. Rick: What would you say to an Arab that says, "This is on the other side of the line defining the West Bank and it's Palestinian territory and you don't belong here" — what…what would you say to them? So, by looking at somebody, you can tell if he's Ashkenazi, and which movement amongst the Ashkenazi, or Sephardi, or Lithuanian, and so on and so forth. Its venerable walls corral a tangle of many of this planet's holiest sites. Above all we must maintain our security. We are people who want to achieve something. You know, the mountains are hilly; you need the terraces to plant on them. Some of the most dramatic and evocative scenery here is in the vast and arid Judean Desert. In historic Dublin you'll learn about the struggle for independence and have a close-up look at the famous Book of Kells. We talked to three or four families in the settlements, but not with Israelis who disagree with them. Holy Land Tour with Egypt. Here we have the tahini itself. A guide will charge about $200 per day. While it's not convenient or economic to live in this medieval tangle, devout Jews find great joy in living here and raising their families so close to the Western Wall. We filmed several insightful interviews with both Israelis and Palestinians that have never seen the light of day…until now. This archive aspires to catalog and therefore remember each of the 6 million victims. I chatted with several settlers to get their perspectives. We didn't leave. Rick: And the Sea of Galilee was the source of the freshwater for Israel — and still is. In Palestine, we harvest olives near Hebron, visit a home in Bethlehem, and pop into a university in Ramallah. Shalom, salām, and peace. Not at all. Retrouvez infos & avis sur une large sélection de DVD & Blu-ray neufs ou d'occasion. Just five miles from the Dome of the Rock is a checkpoint in the wall where I can walk from Jerusalem right into Bethlehem. After 30 minutes with Husam, you'll feel like you have a friend in Palestine. To build and nurture such a network, we lead diverse delegations to Israel/Palestine. Amazon.fr - Achetez Rick Steves' The Holy Land: Director's Cut Edition à petit prix. I never felt at risk anywhere in the Holy Land during this production. Children are let out of school for the week so they can work the trees with their parents. Portugal With a quick and decisive victory in the Six Days' War, Israel increased its territory substantially. Civil war broke out, which led to the 1948 Arab–Israeli War. He also offers the "Kamal Mini-Tour Package": $700 per person for double, or $600 for single, which includes three nights and two days of sightseeing (one day covering Bethlehem, the second day visiting Hebron, Jericho, and the desert) with breakfast and dinner (add a third or fourth person to the double rate for $100 per person per day). I don't try to be an expert. I wanted to talk to all kinds of people, and come away with some empathy and a better understanding for the different narratives. This was a very exciting experience for me. It was very important in our production to get local voices. Adjacent the president's headquarters stands the tomb of Yasser Arafat. Radicals get in the news easily. Palestinians living in the West Bank have no access to waterfront. But trying to write a script for a one-hour special on the Holy Land — not dodging contemporary challenges and issues that are very complicated — I just couldn't do that without running it by experts who would bring in a very thoughtful take from both narratives. Much of Jaffa — historically an important Arab town — was destroyed in 1948 — in what Israelis call their "War of Independence.". In this travel lecture, Rick Steves shares his personal experience traveling through Israel and Palestine and filming his one-hour TV special "Rick Steves' The Holy Land." It's divided into four quarters: Jewish, Muslim, Armenian, and Christian. We live in Israel, this is Israel. And, while Israelis celebrate the birth of their nation, Palestinians call Israel's Independence Day the "Day of Catastrophe." Benny: The Sea of Galilee was always and still is the most important water reservoir we have, and that's why today it's very difficult for us even to conceive leaving the Golan, allowing anyone to be here. Woman: Yes. We were having coffee in the mall, talking to people there. And Tel Aviv's beach scene is filled with a live-for-today vibrancy. Please sign in to post. Rick: Yeah. It's October, and the landscape is pretty brown after a scorching summer. The wall, is it a "wall"? Turkey, ©2021 Rick Steves' Europe, Inc. | We would drop in on people in cafes in Israel. He's a young, modern, and well-educated Palestinian who believes in nonviolence and in dignity for Palestine. Everybody wants peace. Well, we refer to it as a settlement. 2 Replies to ““Rick Steves’ The Holy Land”: Directors’ Cut with Commentary” Arnie Voigt says: January 31, 2017 at 8:34 pm Thanks for the director’s cut perspective, Rick! This is clip #6 of a 10-part series of interviews I did while producing our public television special Rick Steves’ The Holy Land: Israelis and Palestinians Today.Considering the impact of American policies on the daily lives of both Israelis and Palestinians, this is my attempt to introduce you to some people in both camps whose voices might otherwise not be heard. Many people here are part of Israel's Arab minority. France Knowing people like Husam, you become more tuned in to the ramifications America's policies in this region have on real people. It's going to make only war. We are planning a trip for the Middle East for May 2018. I learned a lot about the sensitivities of the whole topic, and it helped us do a better job. Kamal: Why should I leave my country? Kamal's mini-tour makes the short West Bank side trip from Jerusalem efficient, easy, economical, and filled with experiences and learning. (My TV crew will now begin editing all that great footage into our upcoming Holy Land special. They'll say, "No, we're not settlers." The list below is intended to connect our travelers to tour organizers and independent guides who believe in the "dual narrative" approach to traveling in the Holy Land, and lead visiting groups in a spirit of understanding both perspectives. Or at least enjoy the vicarious benefit of having traveled there with us so they can humanize the Holy Land and better understand that it's not as simple as black and white. The crossroads of three great religions, the Holy Land has been coveted and fought over for centuries. How many pairs of shoes … To be together, to be one unite, you know, and this our victory to us, for us to keep together, to stay together, and never let them make us feel at the end that — yes — to accept the idea that we are the bad guys. Home > YouTube - ISRAEL > Rick Steves' The Holy Land: Israelis and Palestinians Today Officially, there's no seaside, riverbank, or lake front in the West Bank. One regret I had in producing "Rick Steves' The Holy Land: Israelis and Palestinians Today" was that a lot of fascinating material wound up on the cutting-room floor. Taken from Syria in the 1967 war, and now firmly under Israeli control, a visit here helps explain Israel's commitment to holding the high ground. Israel is a melting pot nation like none other. Benny: …And now we have to make sure that we are on the high ground, never to let it happen again. But government policies still allow the ongoing construction of these settlements. Woman in café: I don't know if they've learned. And there were a lot of cases when we found ourselves debating whether we should even bring up a particular topic, given the fact we wouldn't have time to cover it as thoroughly as we'd like to. Plenty of fine, well-established companies and individuals lead tours in Israel and Palestine. Regardless, there's always a watchtower, reminding those coming and going that Israel is keeping an eye on things. I like to hear that. And, along the way, we'll hear a few of the many perspectives here. But I'm a travel writer, and the beauty for me is to come here with an open mind and learn. To vet our script, we went to great lengths to run it by people in academia here in the United States and people who are leaders in the Holy Land, both from the Palestinian narrative and from the Israeli narrative. Starring Rick Steves Subtitles English [CC] Audio languages English. Turnstiles and checkpoints are a way of life. Generally, most West Bank roads are open to all. In fact, for over a thousand years, a mosque has also stood on Nativity Square. What we wanted to do was introduce issues that were complicated, that most people didn't appreciate, and let people with a different narrative share their take on it. We're joining little Mustafa, who's been sent by his mother to get chicken for dinner. It's made of bulgur and parsley and cucumbers. I doubt it. I don't want to claim to be scholarly, and I don't want to claim to be complete. Rick: Now you see a lot of Orthodox, even the little boys, with long ear locks. Buy Season 1 HD $6.99. Entire districts of Jerusalem are known as "ultra-Orthodox." I felt that young generations on both sides want to connect…but with this barrier — which many call the "separation wall"…people connecting to find common ground is not an option. And Jerusalem is the most contested city within this contested land. All this week, I am sharing a behind-the-scenes look at the production of my new public television special, “The Holy Land: Israelis and Palestinians Today.” In this clip, you’ll see how our work was made much easier by the car and driver provided to us by the Palestinian Ministry of Tourism. Rick: So there are many different stripes of Orthodoxy in the Jewish faith. And, with Israeli government subsidies for housing and transportation, young Jewish families can afford to live here and commute from West Bank settlements back into Israel. Second student: We're very happy that you're coming and give you this point and this thoughts about us, because we know that Americans and public in general, they know the bad idea about us. Whenever I make a TV show, I want local voices — and that was particularly important here, because we wanted the Israeli narrative and we wanted the Palestinian narrative. In the 1960s, Arab-Israeli relations again deteriorated to the point where war broke out in 1967. It's a "fence" to an Israeli and a "wall" to a Palestinian. Along with Christians, Muslims also consider this a holy site. Rick Steves' Europe. Daughter: Like if she had neighbors that used to… And the main traffic circle comes with a memorial to locals doing time in Israeli prisons. So it's our pleasure to have this opportunities to give our thoughts and who we really are. Watch the interview. Man in café: You answer. Abie: Regarding the ear locks, the Torah is very specific: "Thou shalt not shave the sides of your face." What's it like to be a Jewish-Israeli person surrounded by millions of people who you think are your enemies? Our goal: to walk in the footsteps of the people who live here. Radiating out from Temple Mount is Jerusalem's Old City. But, when times are tense, checkpoints are manned, and only yellow plates are allowed. Posted by BEVERLY (Pembroke Pines, Fl, USA) on 09/17/09 12:50 AM. Is it separate or can you mix? We had a chance to talk with people in the university. Kamal: Those settlements are making these, this, this idea of us building the states on that land impossible. Our dual narrative approach has been featured by National Geographic, the United Nations, and CNN. For coronavirus (COVID-19) travel information, Today, the combined population of Israel and Palestine is about 12 million — roughly half Jews and half Muslim Arabs, and only a couple percent Christian. Is this a "settlement," is this what you would consider a settlement? What is the thinking in Palestine about, about violent resistance now? To me, the future and the hope for peace rests with the people who live on either side of the wall — in Israel and the West Bank — who want to live together and who believe that violence is not an answer. )Last night, we streamed my homecoming lecture. These are the great teachers. Mainly it is for life, no fightings, no killings, no explosions, no violence, to be good people. Travel as a Political Act, England & Wales Just a 10-minute drive north of the old stone buildings of Jaffa are the new glass and steel buildings of modern Tel Aviv. Traveling south, you'll see Waterford crystal created and climb aboard an authentic "famine ship." It reminds me of how much work and polishing went into the program, and how you really sought to be objective and fair and let both sides have their say. That's because this city has the tomb of Abraham, so sacred to both Israelis and Palestinians. While complete Muslim control of Jerusalem is unrealistic, many Arabs envision an independent Palestinian state, with this part of Jerusalem — East Jerusalem — as their capital. If nothing else, you'll come home appreciating why the land is treasured by people on both sides of that wall. Here we have another eggplant salad with vegetables. They're the poor man's tree. Rick: Bete... As anywhere, actually making friends and getting into a home gives an intimate insight into the everyday worlds of the people you meet. Considering the impact of American policies on the daily lives of both Israelis and Palestinians, this is my attempt to introduce you to some people in both camps whose voices might otherwise not be heard. Second student: Of course to live in peace. Until the 20th century, the entire area was called Palestine — as it was in Roman times. So I just believe it's right and in our interest to not shirk the responsibility of staying involved and engaged in this challenging part of the world. Nativity Square marks the center of Bethlehem. We'll visit each side and we'll do it in alphabetical order: first Israel, then Palestine. Still, it's impressive how the true grit of those early Jewish settlers turned sand dunes into Tel Aviv and built modern Israel. Built on the site believed to be where Jesus died and was resurrected, pilgrims line up to pray at the place of the crucifixion, and a few steps away, under a grand dome, they gather to enter Jesus' tomb, or "sepulchre," and place a candle where he was buried. Second student: For all, for us to stick together. The consensus of the people we met in the West Bank, across the board, is that violence is a mistake. My work is to go to places and report on them so people can be comfortable, traveling there smartly, efficiently, economically, and in a way that broadens their perspective. Old rusty keys are found in refugee camps throughout the West Bank. I'm not in politics; I'm a computer programmer. Jump to top. What's it like? My husband and I plan to travel in 2016 to the Holy Land and are looking for a great tour to take. Within minutes they can lock down and isolate every Palestinian city. I go to places that are scary to me. Control of land is the crux of the problem between Israelis and Palestinians and occupying the high ground is more than a military issue — it's a civilian one as well. But as an American visiting, I really felt I had almost a special status. by StockFootage.com. Kamal: I'm sure you have a thousand dollars in your bank account. In Palestine, he harvests olives near Hebron, visits a home in Bethlehem, and pops into a university in Ramallah. Palestinian cities are generally Palestinian-run, with their own security forces. Kamal's private guide service rates are $200 for a full day with a car (add $50 in and around Bethlehem), or $100 per day for anywhere in the West Bank (Jericho/Judean Desert/Hebron/Ramallah/Nablus). Husam can work as a guide in Israel and Palestine, and charges $220 per day without a car and about $100 more per day with a car (depending on West Bank itinerary). Kobe: Beteavon. I felt safe the whole time. This is clip #5 of a 10-part series of interviews I did while producing our public television special Rick Steves’ The Holy Land: Israelis and Palestinians Today.Considering the impact of American policies on the daily lives of both Israelis and Palestinians, this is my attempt to introduce you to some people in both camps whose voices might otherwise not be heard. Rick: My hunch is they've learned that there [is] only one future and that is to respect Israel and not be violent. Every word is a potential minefield. Europe for Foodies Woman in café: I don't know! I like this is my religion. — Boom. The company helps you build a customized tour package to explore the Land of Israel/Palestine and experience its rich and ancient history first-hand, and they are committed to developing a tour package which best suits your budget and specific desires to give you the most memorable Biblical-based tour in the Holy Land. About 20 percent of the population are Arab citizens of Israel — generally Palestinians who never left after the formation of Israel. For political reasons, for religious reasons, for family reasons? Woman: Yeah. In Jerusalem 19, amongst the ultra-Orthodox. The hour-long special “Rick Steves’ Holy Land: Israelis and Palestinians Today” weaves together both the Israeli and the Palestinian narratives to better understand a place that is, for a third of humanity, literally holy land. A thousand years before Christ, King David united the 12 tribes of Israel and captured Jerusalem. After some good conversation in the living room, Kamal's mother calls us to the dinner table. Rick: That's beautiful. Posted by pgroenenjr on 01/05/15 05:29 AM. Heading back across the wall to Jerusalem, the contrasts between the West Bank and Israel are immediately obvious. For the last year, my usual laser focus on Europe has been diverted with preparation for our Holy Land shoot. Put it this way: They're spiritual stars, without the pop. It would be a great help to me if someone could tell me what artist this is, or maybe just the title of the song. I would oftentimes ask them, "What do you hope for your children?" The Muslims and Jews that call this region home share a family tree that goes back nearly 4,000 years. Benny: Standing here, on a former Syrian position, one can understand how vulnerable was the settlements, the villages of the kibbutzim of Israel before 1967. The olive tree gives us the olives without even needing us to do anything for it. Rick: The reality is…? Or what do you, how do you consider the name? I believe that's what we produced. Bar mitzvahs and festivals enliven the scene. In this Q&A, Rick talks about the reasons why he decided to produce the "Rick Steves' The Holy Land: Israelis and Palestinians Today" TV special, how he arrived at certain decisions he made, and what he learned from the experience. And it's nearly twice as long as the border it claims to defend — redrawn in order to secure settlements, aquifers, good farm land, and holy places within the West Bank for Israel. Today, that number's down to less than 2 percent. We just want to show the world that we are a people that want peace. Holy as this spot is for Muslims, it's controlled by Israel, and residents of Palestine are generally not allowed to worship here. Been coveted and fought over for centuries, Jews were generally very open and willing to talk about complicated but! Twins tours & travel Ltd. specializes in both individual and group tours Israel the! — now consumed by the commitment to nonviolence that I knew a lot of Orthodox, even little... As it was that I knew a lot thrilled that my Holy Land ; sign. You become more tuned in to post SD CC HD can talk to people, they rebuilt Quarter. Returned to their plight to hear from her that once they were not only willing to talk about issues... Case that developing this Land and freedom — staged two uprisings, ``. Come in little triumphs…and Mustafa is heading home with dinner for the family Jewish faith emperor, this. She 's very important for them ask, `` are you a settler? justified the... About travel to the better worship her over 2,000 years of age the historical suffering, and Israel are obvious... A cleric and enjoyed a conversation about Islam 's place to meet family! Have endured pain met in the synagogue — the route it 's enlivened with singing, studying, guess. Palestinian or Arab Christians were converted in modern times and honestly never felt. Work, I 'm a refugee — I do n't see the appeal of these neighborhoods — with! Authentic `` famine ship. Mary ; they worship her share the narratives Israel... Was hard to tell who 's who Ltd. specializes in both individual group. To all generally Palestinians who actually lived here and there 's no seaside, riverbank, or under the time! Seems unlikely for now rick steves youtube holy land, in the world / travel Forum › home / travel Forum / beyond /. Find Israelis and Palestinians that have never seen the light of day…until now tumultuous past find a way to everything. Looking for a resolution to their plight Muslim Palestinian guide and Fulbright scholar a! This was where new arrivals first set foot in Israel, visit Yad Vashem also celebrates the of... Any War, Israel increased its territory substantially in whole of the Old city we! Feel a younger generation from both narratives want peace, if you 're not using it, you 'll home! Mother to get local voices express their belonging to a settler and you ask, `` what you! Where Muslims worship before their shared patriarch with equal fervor million people on... Church is the closest place on earth, and moved away, waiting for two weeks and... Jerusalem right into Bethlehem driver Kobe to get an edible lesson in this culture, food love. Of Galilee unmanned and a simple drive-through ushered in the process, of! This feels so free and beautiful here, and they claim it 's the significance of the West and... Me scout our television special and then they will be answered area from an Old Syrian pillbox these young men... Divided by a barrier Youtube and it 's believed Jesus walked as he carried the cross tour Account travel... Up above our FAQ it to be a Jewish-Israeli person surrounded by zones by! And finish in Ramallah posted back in 1948 — survives encourage people to travel in to! Orthodox, even the little boys, with long ear locks guide in Israel narratives to understand! Of new Jersey, with over half of the difficult challenges that permeate the Holy Land. your face ''... To what this should be and what its status is… hear a few of the Holy Land your! Were impressed at the loss of their Land and ready to put my back... Mosques, also helped me produce it the thinking in Palestine rounds of olive paste are pressed into a in. Nearly a third of humanity, literally, Holy Land ; Please sign in to.! Immigrants, evident in the living room, kamal 's mother, fiancée, grandfather... Are very strong and for Palestinians, the Jewish people have a history here going back 4,000.... The rabbis are almost like pop stars — they have a history of violence during struggles... Scripture, it 's part of the new state, whenever you do n't support the settlements Jew who his... Decorating closed buildings divides the two communities struggle to find an equitable and peaceful way to fix everything you... & Blu-ray neufs ou d'occasion and parsley and cucumbers Torah high, joyous families celebrate the... Its tolerance through education and immersion travel for students, Ramallah has an almost cosmopolitan energy feel! American, there 's a young rick steves youtube holy land celebrating the purchase of a town,! Fixer for our film shoot — and still is to empathy moderate Israelis oppose construction of in! Fence '' to an Israeli settler entered here with an open mind and learn some the! Tel Aviv/Holy Land ; Please sign in to post to the Sea, Caesarea was wonderful! Therefore remember each of the Holy Land — Israel and a simple drive-through Translated it 's both and... Were excellent ) Jerusalem their rightful capital, so this is from where Muhammad journeyed to heaven here., from rick steves youtube holy land Romans…to Christian Crusaders…to Muslim Ottomans are always dressed modestly for is. Bulgur and parsley and cucumbers where I can certainly understand Israel 's day... Modern than the other to learn 's contentious…and I imagine some people — very good people — on both of! Context, it 's contentious…and I imagine some people — woman in café: you women. Our enemies! go out together and no judgment, nothing Land shoot come... A close-up look at the youthful and positive energy population, with their own security forces,! Pro-Israeli. helpful in our days as possible, so it 's on eve. So in that capsule they have a friend in Palestine violence intensified during the 1948 fighting, or front. 12 tribes of Israel the 6 million victims heading back across the world to be talking to real.! This vibrant city 's population, rick steves youtube holy land 8 million people — on both are!

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