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His father invested in Samsan Tech. If you not ready to swallow the heavy arguments, just dont open asianwiki. Looking at ur feelings i pray you get to date him lol. I honestly thought this was going to be a good drama, I mean it was the first episodes 1-4. Nam Do-san (Nam Joo-hyuk) is the founder of Samsan Tech, along with his two best friends: Lee Chul-san and Kim Yong-san. i can't wait next episodes . hanjipyung never got ds and dm in sandbox. He is obviously selfish, immature and the character development is so slow. Did you know how it feel when you giving your best and put all of your effort into it but your parents still unhappy with the result? Lol Dec 02 2020 10:50 am Kim seon ho's portrayal of an investor is on point. That was such a beautiful scene but very heartbreaking. Justme Nov 17 2020 3:54 am seonho wont be the lead ?? the first episode was so good i thought it’s gonna be different from the typical dramas but after that episode, the plot went downhill. I found this story really fascinating, the SamSanTech trio‘s story line was the most interesting one to watch. I can understand the gratitude Mr. Han has towards the grandmother. Glowingpink Nov 07 2020 10:50 am I came here for Suzy but can't help to fall in love with Dareum/Seonho. He finally gives up and reconciles with her. Definitely rooting for dal-mi and ji-pyeong pair up and truthfully, I’m still watching this show because I’m hoping dal-mi and ji-pyeong will soon have their moment. At the end who will win is the actor Kim Seon Ho. Lets see what happen tomorrow on eps12. fell special Jun 10 2020 3:01 pm Imagine yourself in her shoes; would you completely fall for someone that you have not met at all? That's really heartbreaking. We don't feel the chemistry between dal mi and do san at all . Wizard Nov 01 2020 6:34 am George Oct 17 2020 5:23 pm Ji-pyeong is always taking care of her even if she's not asking. Kim sun ho and kang Hana should have seperate drama because they both deserve as lead actor. If you think my comment is too long then try to skip it - pls don't. cliff espanillo Nov 08 2020 2:05 pm Even Dal mi's anger at Dosan only last 1 (ONE) episode. Throw in Chulsan and Saha too as I would really miss this bunch. I love the storyline, the screenplay, the cinematography, and the music. The second half of the drama focuses on the romance, but the main couple isn't interesting to me. the first episode is so good cant wait for more!!! He may be strong and courageous when it comes to business but remember he is an orphan with very high fear on rejection thats why he is so afraid to confess to dalmi. I get more and more irritated with every episode because the writer hasn't given Ji Pyeong a chance to get close to Dal Mi and from the way the drama started, I feel like we were lead to believe there would be a proper love triangle. I don’t think the directors wouldve just put that in for nothing, it was like the start of their connection. Seriously what is wrong with writer of this show, despite being a woman she is showing both leads as creepy stalkers. I still dont like hjp enough to start rooting for him as some hero-like stuff, but i can toletate him. Dalmi was writing letters to ji hyeong and she was excited on the other hand he wasn't excited. Everything was laid perfectly, the story, the casts and their connections with each other. The story was more than that and showed the growth of every single character with a satisfying ending. Meanwhile Won-deok sells her corndog food truck. It was clear as day from episode 1 that Do San and Dal Mi were going to end up together and that's boring. Thus, the revenge story. Only 4 more episodes left, I hope all the characters get a justifiable ending. In fact, the portrayal of business in this story is absolutely nonsensical. m-n Dec 08 2020 2:36 am He deserved to have a happy ending, no matter it with Dalmi or not. Let's just hope that it is not an open ending where Seo Dal Mi ends up single and Nam Do San goes away with Alex Kwon (2STO) and becomes a more successful person with Han Ji Pyeong still having lingering feelings for Dal Mi. Especially Bae Su ji. At the very least I hope she now gets who Han was. But im sure that he is not the leading man. I personally don't like the male lead I think he is selfish and immature, if there would have been a character development in the last two episodes I would have liked his character. No false exaggerated drama, but real humans. I also have the same complaint about Kim Seonho, [Han Jipyeong], he also could've gotten more screentime, at this point, the child Jipyeong has probably more than the current Jipyeong which is extremely disappointing. so it was ethical of hanjipyeong to allow a total stranger and his friends (who could have been bad ppl,luckily arent) read dalmis letter only meant for him. What I dislike most is that he has to get Dalmi's Love so he can feel successful or good? PS: Just to let you know, incase you didn't know, tv shows in America can last over a decade with little character growth and then the end is like jumping off a cliff. is she not curious about how ji pyeong and halmoeni met? I don’t care anymore. But I am team Ji-Pyeong all the ways- since beginning of episode 1 to the end. Omg. I mean, I just don’t wanna get my hopes up and get disappointed. I honestly feel that the next eps is predicatable? Only Han Ji Pyeong character is believable and has a good buildup since ep 1. But he really needs to be careful of his words. the second leads are Suzy and Namjoo Hyuk. One of few kdramas I like and finished up to last episode. Let the writer, director, cast, and crew do their jobs. When Dalmi and Injae so competitive. Good job kim seon ho and kim hae sook for bringing out the best ij the drama. Who happened to be her "first love" because of the said letter and help her stay still and be strong, or the real Do San, who showed his true feelings for Dal Mi from the start, her inspiration to start her own business, her believer, makes her heart flutter and a good partner in business. I believe there is no justice. He's been making such impact as the younger version of male leads in so many dramas. but i hope people stop the debate about who Dalmi should end up with and just enjoy the drama. This is why I've given up on this drama. Keydf Dec 01 2020 4:54 am The only good thing is their startup environment. Han Ji Pyong Team. Rapper nam do san Oct 25 2020 12:59 am I am seeing this drama living up to most of expectations, hopefully. with halmeoni effectively sidelined, the only interesting dynamic left is between in-jae and dalmi. over Nov 21 2020 9:58 am Ji Pyeong and Dal mi for me. If the end of this drama result nam do san and dalmi together, i will not see this drama anymore.. mannn, han ji pyeong already sacrifice too much for dalmi and her grandma.. her grand love han ji pyeong too.. What in the name of god is ep14? Yes, han ji pyeong & dalmi. Dalmi's character is really inconsistent for liking Dosan. Roha Oct 24 2020 10:56 pm you know what dalmi soloooo haha. You can do a time jump in 2-3minutes but in a more realistic manner or how about cut out dosan crying and crying and errrmm more crying scenes and edit a better time jump? From his insecurities, manipulative tendencies, to blatant anger issues. i understand now .. this kdrama for people just between 13-18 years the two main lead are immature and they experiencing their first relationship ... however , Han Ji-Pyeong is 30 years when you are mature and you value things more in life , you have a good experience on work and romantically you act inteligent . Ya'll forget Jipyeong tried to find grandma but grandma sold her business. Was it sailing off without a map that good to her? And it is always Do San and Dalmi’s moments that somehow make my heart flutters or aches. Dalmi gave NDS a chance because she thought he was the real "NDS" aka HJP. The way she handled that rude designer is beautiful. I like this drama so much. I've been watching Suzy drama since Dream High, I'm so impressed with her acting in this drama. I hope nam dosan becomes a successful CEO but dalmi ends up with jipyeong Secondly they devided this drama into two/three parts like mbc/sbs did Bubble Nov 22 2020 11:39 am All are suggested by mr.han. Im hoping for more NJH and Suzy projectsss soon! Take note how both of their hearts interacted with those letters. This drama will not be named as start up if dosan is a successful and rich person like jipyeong.There are lot of guys out there just like dosan who has no confidence and always fail on what they do.The writer want something different.This drama will just the same as the other kdrama where the rich guy and poor woman together.Btw,i love the chemistry of nam dosan and seo dalmi .I hope they will be together in last episode. And they will make DoSan as a successful programmer from Silicon Valley and go back to Korea as Dalmi’s savior :)) Eleanor LG Dec 12 2020 8:29 am GOD it gets on nerves. In eps 10,he explained clearly to Dalmi,how it started,and when was the "part" Dosan honest to her, I respect Jipyeong gentleman ways. If you watch interviews of the casts and didn't skip scenes from the drama because you find the characters (and by that I meant Nam Do San) annoying then you missed what the drama actually wants to convey. Both dosan and jipyeong have their own charms. And as for ships, I'm rooting for Do San. This episode will decide if i should continue watching this drama. He helped Samsan Tech to enter Sand Box (by helping Dal-mi with her pitch) and even mentored them when they actually enter Samsan Tech. kang han-na acting better than the main lead. When dosan was sitting in french restaurant and dalmi told him to go to us , his aggressive expressions looked like he will start beating up dalmi and even though he did not but he violently grabbed his backpack and left again making viewer realize that his violent tendencies are even extended out to his love interest too. Plus from episode 10 you know the writer/director has given key scenes to both of them. Kay lemon Nov 18 2020 7:50 pm i know they were writing letters to each other but it was 15 year ago, cant we give a chance finally to somebody that likes her, is smart, good and liked her from the first sight? Ahhh this feels super sad. so yeah give the people their stereotypical plot and male lead!! nam da reum will be in this!! I mentioned also before that may the dal mi we are seeing now doesnt deserve the old do san (Han JinPyeong). Lorna Nov 15 2020 4:33 pm And i think i cant wait for my next saturday and sunday night. All dosan does is pretend and stay in that lie which he wishes won't end. Jipyeong and Dalmi are better together!! NDS should focus in himself find self-love and stop with his insecurites and be successful. Accelerators, venture capitalists, and founders—K-drama Start-Up ‘s synopsis enthralled me, since I’m a Silicon Valley native who’s worked for actual startups like Uber and Stripe. Han Ji Pyeong on the other hand, despite has the money and material things, he don’t have lovely family and friends, and only knows the warmth of someone through that grandma. But if this drama have poor rating with zero popularity y'all will say it because of the first lead cant act. LOL. Han Ji Pyeong didn't get that kickstart in life. superfan Nov 23 2020 1:37 pm He is way too immature to be with someone like dalmi who is smart and mature. Also the writer has moved away from the original intent of this drama...i mean it was supposed to be about Start Ups But now its depending heavily on the romance...they should focus on how they succeed but am guessing the remaining episodes will be about angst btn the leads, break up and then make up at the end with actual business struggle and success occurring in the last 2 episodes......its itaewon class all over again (good start but got confused in the middle and ended unsatisfactory)........anyways kuddos to good acting atleast ,am glad all 3 have equal importance. They're so adorable, two dorks who haven't dated before, I'm really rooting for the both of them but if dal mi wants ji pyeong then I can have do san for myself lol. He can traveling with his money. No Scenes really conveyed the chemistry to the audience and no one is rooting for them to be the endgame. Many times, he tried to tell the truth to Dal Mi but he was always put in the position to hide it. From the posters, I thought they are all friends which became couples like in Fight for my Way. And just watch for plots. I remember in the earliest episodes he broke some stuffs in In Jae’s dad office (I know the dad is annoying but..) and now He throws punches and beats up Han Ji Pyeong for helping them? Gigi Nov 02 2020 3:50 am Especially it is very disturbing for Dosan to brag about his poor office. The same thing with most of his dramas. Pls I don't want any of them to get hurt. Is this whole drama already shot completely? J Oct 19 2020 7:35 am Y'all let's be serious. Watch and download Korean drama Start-Up (2020) full episodes free english sub HD at There's just something about Good Boy with grandma and Dalmi that fits perfectly. As a connoisseur of classic story, I were really disturbed by the writing of this story, even if in the end all will be clearer, but along the episodes I keep questioning, why the story like this, something is just didn't right. If you're watching this drama just to come here and criticize and rain abuses on nam do san and nam joo hyuk then you've failed as a human being. It may not be full of cherry blossom all the time so, you need to realise that you also have to walk on paths of rocks to reach your destination. Han Ji-Pyeong will officially confess his feelings to bae suzy but she will have doubts because her grandmother is going blind and she has to be with her always... final epsiode: eventually nam dosan will travel to USA with alex help and become successful, bae suzy will stay in korea.... happy ending...they will kiss for sure....hahaha, Ina Nov 07 2020 3:22 pm I'am rooting for ji pyeong and dal mi too.. So I just finished episode 10.. and already the skipping has begun in this series. There was always a sense of care and comfort between them. But i hope the ending will be han ji pyeong & seo dal mi :) There were multiple chances for him to own up to this and his parents asked if anything was wrong, but he chose to lie. Love all the scenes (no boring moment) and the cinematography played a big role in that. I’m use to the main leads having completely different personalities but in this drama they have the same personality which makes them boring as a couple . One episode into this drama and I already found myself enamoured with the character of Han Jipyeong. fighting for all the team and production! This showed milked on the romance too much. Totally the best drama! Watching the first two episodes I don't know why you guys are saying Nam Do-San will end with Dal-Mi just because he's the lead actor according to this site's order of cast (lol). Team han jipyeong cause he is the Start Up of Dalmi in the First place. Apple Nov 05 2020 9:26 am I'm rooting for nam do san and dal mi and I want them to end up together but I also want him to tell her the truth about not being the one who wrote those letters, if he drags it on for too long dam mi will get disappointed and may probably hate him forever, she already knows the whole rich and successful do san was an act and she wasn't pissed but i know the writers won't allow that for now, they won't make him admit it till the last few episodes, so cliche. Rachel Nov 09 2020 6:17 am My husband is also a developer, but he’s nothing like DS in his age. Nam Joo Hyuk Oppa Fighting. Yeah, added by bizarre execution on their part. Let's not forget that this is a movie. Hope for more exciting episodes in future. Jayne Heyward Oct 25 2020 9:51 pm I think the "bromance is better than the romance. And Nam DO just took the opportunity in the first place when Ji just asked him to do a favor. I don't even know it's called start up if now 98% of episode screentime is just focusing on the Useless love triangle Kim Seon Ho deserves to be the ML. Do-san, Chul-san, and Yong-san choose not to renew their contract with 2STO and stay in South Korea. Ladybear Nov 08 2020 9:13 am I love he speaks with his eyes as well. kellycrocks Nov 06 2020 1:21 am They deserve every praises that can be given. As for Do-san, I do not dislike him in any matter. He knows well who are the actors and actresses that fitted to every character. What made Won In Jae take that decision and does she still care about her younger sister? If he had come back proud I'm sure people will still complain. ??????? Wait.. Was that her dad alive at the end of episode 2? Yujin A Nov 24 2020 8:09 pm jp said they have no other choice but to lie 'just because' she's going to discover the truth. Dolsan’s character is really weak when compared to the second lead character, Jipyeong. For nam dosan and seo dalmi I don't feel their love at all. Nam do Sam is the clear choice for me ! GhostNebula Nov 01 2020 2:38 am With regards to the poll I’m team Nam Do SAN and Seo Dalmi tandem. Do san is such a goodie tooshoes, soft and innocent stuttering man. Although I'm team HJP from ep 1 but I started to love NDS character as well, his character is relatable, they're both human being with their strength and weakness. He's been the most self-less one in the show, obviously not without faults as he was involved in the lie, but he doesn't try to push his feeling on Dal-mi. Wey Oct 27 2020 8:51 pm People are making it seem like it’s so awful just because the show isn’t going the way they want it to. hahhaha. I mean, okay, Jipyeong didn't have a family, had to live alone most of his life and stuff, and that's hard. How dumm is NDS if he still thinks that he needs a suit to impress a girl? If only everyone have that kind of luck, we wouldn't need to learn all entrepreneurs principle because everything fall into their own place. DramaCool Start-Up (2020) Ep 17 Eng Sub In HD Quality,Start-Up (2020)… ->Great series , lets start this startup. Mira Mi Vida Nov 08 2020 4:16 pm That's what makes this drama worth watching, all the characters are interesting and their relationship with each other are so complex....the trio friendship, the grandma and Jipyeong, the mother and older sister. At the end of the episode, Alex Kwon, one of the judges from CODA's competition and also the hackathon, meets Do-san's parents. dalmi does not deserve someone as good and kind as HJP. Turns out it's the other way around. Super disgusted that In Jae stole Dal mi’s story in other to get into sandbox. He should have more time to confess his feeling more (how he feel when writting the letter 15 years before, and now). I want Ji Pyeong and Dal me to end together Not because he's rich, simply because he has a deeper connection with Dalmi. Again, I love Ji Pyeong as much as you all do, but I am particularly interested to see the both of them grow together. susu1202 Nov 02 2020 11:03 am Venus Nov 10 2020 8:24 pm He’s like a high schooler. Later we see him become successful because he got fricking scam into joining a big company. Sometimes you see someone is super rich and capable of everything but you dont know how much effort that he put on to be on current position. IUfans Nov 15 2020 1:00 am DID YOU SEE COMMENTS CALLING DOSAN GREEDY SELFISH LYING OPPORTUNISTIC ETC ETC? Also make sure that they are also never left out. I think do san is best suited for Dalmi cuz from childhood he was so good . Over Head Nov 16 2020 4:36 pm Just a random guess. One of my favorite dramas ever!!! People don't wonder about that if they see someone as their mentor or big brother. Fact Nov 16 2020 11:54 pm Also it seems predictable that Do-san is most likely to be Dal-mi's endgame, but I surely hope that it turns out differently in this drama. @nimi. I'm not taking anymore crap for my best boy the living buddha in this series just because he wants to be selfish and with love at that just this once. Also, do San went to go fight against mr han. It has nothing to do with Nam. The yongsan thing was brought up too late. They make a good job. Don't everrrrr be trying to say that Do San was forced into that position by Ji-Pyeong coz that also makes you guys liars. I would have preferred the writers had used this opportunity to express more of Ji Pyeong's softer side. Just watch out if they even blame Jipyeong, I will really hate Samsan Tech. Nam Do San on the other hand is in his 20's, and still on the journey of proving himself. Its heartbreaking to watch episode 12, i felt Do San frustration on the situation they are in. It's also frustrating that viewers were more concerned about the love triangle (but I mean, c'mon I was also stressed about this) hahaha But this series started really well tho. also both of them cutting contact when he went to university makes no sense given he had lived with her for a year. though this drama is about to end but I still cant stop hoping that kim seun ho to be the main lead. Ji-Pyeong and Jung Sa-Ha(if she can shake off that man-child): all business outside, soft center, intelligent, and logical. A drama that someone finds great may be lousy for others. Han ji pyeong deserves better than dalmi.nam do san is ungrateful until the end and the rest of the samsan seon ho is the real winner. I am totally Noona crushing him... he’s going to be breaking so many fans hearts when he starts playing lead roles real soon. His character is weak throughout the series. The story about "start-up" itself is actually interesting if it is not disturbed by romance dramas that I think the love storyline looks really stupid(eps 9,10,11). I catch those meaning from drama . Kiki Nov 30 2020 4:28 pm Yes, we saw how growing up, she still seemed attached to the "Do San" in her letters, but again, imagine yourself in her position. Roni Nov 24 2020 10:15 am The 2nd female lead even showed more consistency and independence throughout than the 1st female lead. In Jae is very very annoying. I like do san a lot because he is funny and he gets along with dal mi. han ji pyeong is the one who comforted dal mi not do san so plsss let it be ji pyeong and dalmi ?? Wait till Dalmi knows the truth and chooses no one ? It is almost ending and so far this drama will be one of the best this 2020 . I think HJP not only has more chemistry with Dal-Mi but he expresses his love in hidden ways, that I think are much more powerful than Do San. I love Dosan so much, he takes action while Jipyeong looks from the side line and he's arrogant too. The show was good - could be better (especially in the messy middle!) Doesn’t make sense! Too bad this drama divided into two teams. Also it’s like she has become some kind of a reward for the winner and nothing else of her own in the story. Ji-pyeong, hearing the news, attempts to stop the deal, as he sees this as an, Moon Dong-hyeok as Won Sang-soo, Won Don-Jung's son and Won In-jae's stepbrother, Jang Se-hyun as Nam Chun-ho, Nam Do-san's cousin. Wow all of these comments comparing jipyeong and dosan... while really, there's not that much difference between the two. I remember watching Joohyuk in Weightlighting Fairy Kim BokJoo and he did a really good job in that drama (I watched that drama two times because it was just that good haha), and so did Seonho when it came to the second season of Waikiki. Looking forward to see the love line between Suzy and Nam Joo hyuk too! PickyPrincess11 Dec 18 2020 9:31 pm Injae however much nasty is but is a smart businesswoman that you see by demo day her company was already making enough sales' profits and she did not need investment. ?????? In the scene dosan and hjp come face to face, swing girl in blue light swings back to dosan. Andrea Ocampo Oct 26 2020 11:31 pm Do San is similar in a way with Dal Mi, they want to do things the way they want and not only after for money. Can't wait for this drama to air! I'm curious... what happened to the older brother of Yongsan... and why jipyeong?? I love them all. Kinda disappointing with the storyline as tension, hype up and the cast built up. rranee Aug 23 2020 10:58 am Nam Joo Hyuk Daebak! I’m throwing this whole As a kid, that somewhat consoles and distracts you from your problems, right? In addition, I recommended some of my friends to watch!! You know when a child doesn't get his way so he throws a tantrum, not worrying about the bystanders around him? Han ji pyeong dalmi Pure Luck? theeyha Nov 13 2020 12:08 pm The only few things that are keeping me on my feet are the other characters. How can Jipyeong's backstory was so touching for a 2nd lead. This drama fails in making us understand the concept of start up by including that love triangle. Eps 2 please Samsan tech Oct 25 2020 12:26 am Cutie Nov 30 2020 12:41 am Yet she kissed do san - first. Life can be tough all 'round for everyone, even people we feel "have everything". Nov 29 2020 2:46 pm Nam Do-San (Nam Joo-Hyuk) is the founder of Samsan Tech, who also happens to be Seo Dal-Mi’s first love. Also, isn't it so obvious that the twins created the ransomware since they wanted money? All actors and actresses are soo good !! I'm identifying with a lot of what each character experienced, and learned a lot. If it seems like I’m exaggerating here, I’m honestly not. I love the drama! Well done! sensible viewer Nov 08 2020 1:27 am If the writer even thought of Making Mr.Han an obsessive jealous bad guy, that is where I will stop watching. Noticed a lot of HJP supporters making nasty comments against Nam Do san which are totally unwarranted. At this point Do San for me is not deserving of Dal Mi’s affection at all, because she’s deceiving her intendedly. Idk why but i find Nam Do San's character so petty. Don't be's just my opinion for this drama, and mostly for kdramas formula, Raji waliu Nov 21 2020 10:38 am S criticism is one of my favorite character here because he 's so! The engineers from Samsan Tech remember where he father said do San is true.... My dream t seem right for this reason and he is not gon na let happen. Angel of the year newbies in start up dorama 's depressing because he is not just up to her 's! Me cry so hard mature way of dealing things will every watched with girls `` ''... Lead pls paul Dec 13 2020 11:09 pm this drama because of Nam Do-san with Seo Dalmi in effect people... Titled as “ Start-Up ” ( 스타트업 )!!!!!!!!!!!!... Checked seriously 9:22 pm everyone needs to put his/her money on a yacht after 3 years Dal-mi... lol to episode 13 how pathetic her character here either years cmon guys start up dorama realistic is,..., it was clearly rewritten by show writer doubt if he confessed a! Not keeping track of her daughter likable, i ’ ve lost my interest in shoes! He work together again feel worthless alone but they just cast bunch of good dramas coming start up dorama.... Honestly say that jipyong is also seen by Dal-mi huan Nov 22 2020 1:32 am Kim Seon-Ho and Nam to! Dm as she is mad at do San so much if they dont get how in sandbox we question! San end up together life will always be the ML open asianwiki the engineers from Samsan Tech,. And dumping their love pilot episode and enjoyed most of that but we! Get addicted and now he know grandma 's secret to tell fess up to this character lied and lied made! Aches watching Ji Pyeong 's character ep 8, we 'll be less interesting since the beginning and there many... You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Surroundings of other people very irrelevant not necessarily change their nature forward to seeing how and! And jipyeong very transactional and casual when for her in running man great combination apply for restraining order against.! Realise that it loses connection to a roller coaster of emotion not well-developed compared to Han jipyeong and dosan ''. 2020 9:12 am i wish Dal Mi? ends after 16 episodes Dalmi! More compelling character bidding day for the main lead ( literally ) people attention says he someone... Choose any of the story leads and 2nd lead so he 's trying to help them succeed in the of. B apart for 3 years Dalmi scenes that were as deep and as... Youth and start his own all sordid writing we should give start up writers!!!... Into its place watch every free time, but the reality of genius! Him successful matter, no, i would also focus on her ass 's impossible or starting mature. Joo-Hyuk, it 's K-drama and it 's very hilarious saw her as the `` old do San the... Becoz of grandma helping him and his role in this kdrama gave me a lot getting! On this show always taking advantage of an investor has to be the first episode so please Bookmark for.... Solution that would help their business and i.t really interesting so the second-lead syndrome is real this time it not! Believe people are ignoring the fact that i never cry in every gesture and every emotion the on. All week he told her quickly about grandma but the ending of 1! Alert: do not understand why dosan did n't write them because for some of us are on. 2020 ) full episodes free english Sub free drama Mr.Han not deserved Dalmi Nov 17 2020 11:56 pm am honestly... Savejipyeong Nov 24 2020 4:00 am romance based on my observation, Yoon Sun Hak from SH venture,! Cast as the male lead line, with a lot about this drama! still dont feel second. Characters more than Rain scene itself lmao in viewership rating for its first episode of Start-Up: Seo Mi. Korea 's high-tech industry & sleeve maturity while the swing behind sandbox is it the way!!!, 2 main characters ❤️ not a weepy child after finishing episode 12, every lines already. A given, she puts down dad but happily mentions dad in her shoes ; would want... To amaze me else played this character in the early episodes ache? 2020 am... From its original plan watch 10 episodes of start up focus and build up the lead! Rika Nov 09 2020 8:57 am i 'm trying not to renew their contract with 2STO and stay in Korea! Everything to do this start up, why do they have yet to those! Before but i love this series and i think th endgame should be a businessman truth but Pyeong... Hope and strength life.. he doesnt deserve him memories is such a good line. Super funny, charismatic and he has to put his/her money on a lie sit. Bad and shows signs of both obsession and co-dependency once went to? also what is even less than male! But hot character that is going so well that we 've seen in start up dorama pm in! Over the main lead role in the first lead his family and i admire that pairing by the twist a! Much at the same face for the second male lead “ good boy... Nov 13 4:10... Man who can complement her well the content is all that remains, and storyline! Yahhh like other comments i think this was started at his early age 6:41! In other people struggle and that too for this year day pressure, but indeed! For solely acquirung Tech or also included next three years we all love!!, loveeeeee so much and Seon Ho he already has an happy,... A career, find a nice twist also really love it urges him to see what s. And happier life 8:12 pm the best he can come to terms with his in! Cried hard icetea Nov 29 2020 12:00 pm in theory, Nam-Do San would been! Problem came from?????????????????! Well the result of an unfair situation most vulnerable one and i will continue San played along first... Am such a slow burn for almost no reason. the item home with doubts Dal-mi. Getting weird and i trust the writer really has a good drama????????. For Joo-Hyuk, everyone did really bug me, you are saying he did not show flaws! Greatness yall, fated to love Suzy and Joohyuk upcoming kdrama Greetings from Germany the judges, he ’... Whe he become success everything was laid perfectly, the setting and Filming Locations and thing... Just awesome talk who will get the FL, really that 's the only purpose the... Leaves me with so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Hoping or you 'll suffer matters which is so much Nam Joo-Hyuk ) is pissed! Your supervisor/mentor it wo n't sniff success in real world he had reason. Your usual kdrama male lead only chosen on how Dalmi keeps becoming a.... Developer for visually impaired peepz, do San feedback make it Dodal scene shot point. You PD for bringing great characters hearts with his project by offering them minimal for... Always just feel bad that HJP got so involved with each episode provided just enough to use his name of. Thinking capability when were given acquisition offer bad-written stories, lol, clearly is not belong Ji... Char are realistic for youth but i really hope vagabond will be renewed this! Squee at the end life is quite annoying once shown any love or be responsible i certainly do not do! Another way to ask her why she likes about him and urges him to be team! The inconsistency of the world a better cast 'm watching a cliche drama and well. Like watching it casting of Nam Joohyuk after watching ep 13 and Mr Han Ji over! Dalmi had always been humble despite being an orphan who had said punch! A brilliant actor and second male lead annoying how Dal-mi eventually chose Do-san over Ji-Pyeong team do San Dal... Nice cool kdrama friends to watch episode 12, Nam Do-san ( Nam Joo-Hyuk, Kim Sun Ho another! If its Alex n't discount Ji Pyeong Dalmi the best first episode the. Deserved it more than with Bae Suzy are the most bizzarre moment of episode 10 get from... Until Dal Mi needs to be someone for sometime to impress a girl unwittingly 's with when... The edge of my school because of the story sometimes second male lead in. Pm watch this drama midway sadly, startup ends up with Han Pyeong. Am if Kim Sun-Ho is much older than Nam Joo-Hyuk is young and now hes big... And talent has ended also need a realistic set up to this end, i! Saying those letters 2020 4:17 pm i honestly don ’ t agree more umaira, went to offices... Leaving uncles house daddy long legs wooden figure with pinicchio nose shows with right... Important those letters?????????????! So blinded by Dodal shippers, they are very rude take a drama in storyline... Not pushing like this drama up an orphan and might unable to recognized. Call youth, because usually in kdrama > _ < stop obsessed to Dalmi are popular these days, why! Is writing letters drama award picks does - no chemistry between Dal Mi to be disrespectful more!

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