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But you won’t find them as frequently on doc shoots as you will the Audio-Technica AT4053B. The IS is very noisy, however, so don't expect to use it in very quiet scenes - it's loud enough to dominate the on-camera microphone recording. You place the Ice Light 2 within a few feet of your subject, and the light gently wraps around your subject’s face, without blinding them. On the wide end, we’ve used the popular Tokina 11-16mm f/2.8 pretty regularly on our shoots, until the Canon 10-18mm IS came out. The right gear allows you to focus on shooting fantastic images, conducting great interviews, and packing and traveling in a way that doesn’t blow your budget. It can’t shoot 4K footage in slow motion, and it can’t compete with the BMPCC4K when it comes to color science and grading. Using connect2 can make a massive difference to your department's productivity, while supporting your students' learning journey. So we come to the digital cinema camera, specifically the Canon Cinema Cameras, notably the Canon C100 and Canon C200. Imagine a continuum of equipment from left to right. For our lav mic, we use the Sennheiser MKE-2, which is an upgrade from the kit ME4 mic that you’ll find in the Evolution G3 Wireless kit. Or that microphone that continues to give you trouble, so between every question during the interview, you have to stop the flow of the conversation and go fiddle with the mic. Why get the C100 mark II over the mark I? The camera is usually the most expensive piece of video production equipment in your kit, and it’s often the hardest decision to make. In the end, maybe our next client hasn’t heard of our reputation before hiring us, but they’ve seen our last video, and the quality impressed them enough to pick up the phone and give us a call. Download the free video So, imagine being able to shoot videos that look as good as big budget Hollywood blockbusters, without the cost and crew required to shoot a major blockbuster. What’s in your everyday documentary filmmaking kit? Both lights are Bi-color LEDs with a range of 2300k-6800k. And so the professional veteran who has been at this for 25 years will tell you to rent your gear, rather than save up to buy video equipment. But without a lot of accessories, attachments, hacks and rigging, you may not be able to consistently capture good audio and usable video. But we still stand by the C100 as the very best camera for filming a documentary. And attached to the sides of the bag are Tom Bihn 52mm Quivers, one for the monopod and one for the tripod. You can produce some pro-level content with this camera, and if you ever feel like you have outgrown its functionality, you can upgrade and hang onto the a6500 as a B-cam. Canon C200 on a Letus Helix Jr. Canon C300 mkII on a Letus Helix Standard. The debate for the best normal lens for the C100 is very personal, but most often you’ll find it’s between the Canon 24-105mm f4 IS, the Canon 17-55mm f/2.8 IS, or the Canon 18-135mm f/3.5-5.6 IS. Where does it fit in? Some professionals who have been in the video production business a long time will advise you to get video production jobs based on your experience, rather than hope you get hired based on the camera you own. This could be a wide or ultra wide, a super low light prime lens, a macro lens, or perhaps something even more rarely used than those lenses. We’ve been nominated for over 10 Emmy awards and have won two Emmys for work that we shot on the C100. In essence, we lose the “suspension of disbelief” and we remember that we’re watching a video that someone made, rather than sitting back and letting a story naturally unfold before our eyes. K-TEK KE79CCR — This pole collapses to a manageable travel size, it has an internal XLR to reduce audio interference and cable wrangling, and it features a side exit at the base of the pole so you can safely rest it on the ground. Most Video Production Equipment are eligible for free shipping. Super sharp and very lightweight. In face-to-face classes you will have access to NTC’s camera equipment, camera support equipment, audio equipment, studio and editing laboratories. You interview one or more subjects and edit their responses - or A-roll - into an engaging story. The TorchLED Bolt light and the Cineroid L10C are both incredibly powerful for the size (the Cineroid being the size of a pack of playing cards), and they both use the standard Sony NP batteries. Of course the bigger question for this setup is what fluid head to buy? But it doesn’t have a permanent place in our documentary filmmaking equipment kit, so often it sits on the shelf until a special need arises. Here’s a quick list of everything else that we use in our everyday documentary filmmaking kit. Below, you'll get our thoroughly tested documentary filmmaking equipment list that is the cornerstone of contemporary videography. Here are some of the highlights of what today's video production equipment can offer: GPS Locator Need to know exactly where you captured that amazing wilderness shot? Struggling to keep your video shoot on schedule? We know the feeling. Most simply, you’re video recording someone telling a true story, and then through the process of filmmaking and editing, you’re creating a shorter, more interesting version of that story. The Canon C300 Mark II has taken an even bigger leap, with a 4k image that rivals the best cinema cameras out there today, including the cream of the crop Arri cameras. The average viewer does not notice the effect. We also use the Portabrace DV4 bag for this same use. The Canon 24-105mm feels the best in your hands, so if you like to focus manually, this is your everyday lens. Video Production Equipment With in-house access to a wide range of video production equipment we can stay within your budget while providing a cinema quality end product. video production equipment In order to complete the assignments for Video Production courses, you must have access to some professional video production and post-production equipment. Instead of relying on photo and video bags that have rigid dividers, we like to organize everything into small pouches and neoprene wraps, which allows us to be flexible when we pack and carry our gear. They have all the advantages of a digital camcorder, but with a beautiful look that you’d expect from a traditional film camera with cinema lenses. But like all of the smaller gimbals, it's limited to smaller and lighter camera setups. The Gitzo GT2531LVL is primarily a photo tripod, except that it’s the only Gitzo that has a leveling head, making it entirely fit for video use. Served with love! We carry Cameras, Video Converters, Switchers, Video Studios from … You can still fit everything you need in a backpack and a carry bag for your tripod, monopod, and other accessories. It helps students to make the most of the video production equipment available to them, build their kit lists, and achieve superior results in their productions. We design and manufacture video production equipment - video production consoles and equipment cabinetry, such as: Console Systems with movable + interchangeable rack turrets, multiple track system for maximum flexibility in LCD monitor placement, open "off-the-floor" design for increased leg space … It’s the shortest and best sounding on-camera shotgun you can get, and it especially goes well with this Rycote Softie for outdoor shooting, along with a super short XLR cable that stays out of your way. Which is important for us especially because hey, we’re the Digital Filmmaker crew. Are you a video production professional looking for studio-grade video or audio equipment? The ability to record video in HD (High Definition) resolution is a standard of all modern cameras, including the iPhone 6s and above, which can record in 4K (or Ultra-High Definition). We usually travel and shoot as a 2-man crew, so we can bring everything with us on local shoots, as well as with air travel. It’s great for manipulating sunlight, or in a studio setting where you can set it up out of frame opposite your light source to act as a fill. Meike is a brand I’ve been really impressed with recently for their quality and affordability. It’s half the weight and price of the f/2.8 version, and you won’t miss that extra stop. It offers both daylight and tungsten options as well as custom color sets — and you can even control it remotely via its app. From lightweight camcorders and action cameras to post-production controllers, docks, and editing software, Adorama offers the best equipment from trusted brands at affordable price… At $800, this camera is a great option that is kinder to your wallet than the other cameras on this list. If cine-lenses are your preference, you can get each lens in the Meike series for about $399 apiece. This is a great lens if you shoot handheld a lot, but we miss the reach. So as soon as your subject stands in place, you have only a few minutes to get everything dialed in before they start to wonder if you even know what you’re doing. It’s perfect for documentaries, live production, anything wireless, or any talking head your production might feature. It's only got a one-handed mode currently, but a two handle accessory is on the way. Do you get hired for your creative talent, or for the gear you own? They will prove to be an extraordinary resource for cameras and for a multitude of accessories, batteries, cables, media storage, or anything you might need to ensure a high-quality product. Now that you have the gear, how do you get the work? Videopro specialises in professional video production equipment, and we stock a wide range of studio av equipment, video cameras, lighting equipment, tripods and more. And then of course you could keep moving down the line, and get a bigger and better cinema camera, maybe one that shoots in ultra 4k, 6k, or 8k resolution. As for the lens being variable aperture (and certainly not parfocal), the C100 enables a feature with the 18-135mm that actually maintains the exposure and quickly refocuses as you zoom from wide to tight and back. Send us an email and we may publish it on this site. That’s our main filmmaking equipment list for our documentary video productions. Sometimes, you’ll be able to run your audio straight into your camera, but capturing high-quality audio to a secondary source will usually be part of your production process. It’s sharp, features a wide range of depth, captures beautiful bokeh, and at f/1.8, it is fast enough for low-light scenarios. Seriously, it's probably had the most effect on the quality of our shooting, enough that we now plan many of our shoots around the Helix Jr. We bought 3 during a short window then they were available. Realistically, at the far right on the graph, you're spending so much money and adding so much complexity to your production, that your productivity and profit start to diminish. We recommend the 672 Wide because a Spot will need some sort of diffusion for any of the above purposes. We use a SOG knife with all the bells and whistles, and we make sure to check it in our luggage when we fly.​. If your documentary will primarily be interviewed outside, first of all, is there any way you can change that? Plus the AF and IS make it a perfect companion to the C100. Welcome to Videopro, we're the audio visual experts. This is a true cine prime lens that I like to use when in tight quarters. VIDEO CAMERA OPTIONS FOR ANY BUDGET. Moving down the continuum, you can get a DSLR for that silky filmic look at 24 frames per second, and with the camera being so small and affordable, you'll be able to capture a lot of footage quickly. To find out more, why not ask for a tour? I know it can get expensive when you add it all up, which is why it’s so important to build your kit as you go. At some point you may decide whether you’re a lavalier kind of person, or a boom mic on a stand kind of person. We carry an impressive selection of professional video cameras, cine lenses, and other videography equipment. And when you buy it new, it even includes a key to Davinci Resolve Studio ($299 value) so you can color grade and edit all of your footage. There are 3 versions of the Amaran - the Spot version for a narrow but super bright beam, the less bright Wide version (with an attachable tungsten filter), and the dimmest Bi-color version. Get one for every tripod, monopod, gimbal, slider, or anything that the camera may go on. As a bonus, once you’ve hidden your mic on your subject for walk and talk or B-roll shooting, when you want to transition to a formal interview you can simply replace the wireless pack with the MZE900P Phantom Power Adapter, and the mic stays put. Choosing a tripod is a topic that can (and should) be a long article unto itself. It’s incredibly cheap, light weight, and the extra 1mm actually does make a difference. The C100, on the other hand, has the XLR inputs you need, the sensor outputs a beautiful image in very low light, the camera has a very innovative autofocus feature that is a godsend for documentary shooting, and it can accept all of Canon’s photo lenses, some of which are very affordable. Even if chocolate chip is on your mind, our cookies make an important contribution to a great shopping experience. They feature a digital display; they’re dimmable; and they include barn doors, stands, and a traveling case. For journalists who are less concerned with achieving cinematic visual quality, but still want something that is ergonomically similar to a DSLR, the XC15 delivers. It's spacious without unnecessary dividers, the orange interior makes everything easy to see, and when unzipped, the bag becomes like a "Doctor Bag" with a rigid top section. Sure, it's great for specialty macro shots of tiny objects or closeups on anything in general, but we've found it's actually a workhorse lens for all-around interviews and all-around B-roll shooting, even handheld. We'll be happy to give you a personalized demo. Stay tuned for a replacement recommendation. Once you have done that, simply use this guide as a framework for building out your video production equipment kit list. We have all our lenses in here. They make a multitude of adapters to convert different lenses to whatever lens mount your camera has, and they will increase your aperture range, making you more capable in low-light situations. We go into a long discussion about the first client/videographer interaction in our infographic/article on Video Production Services.​. The four basic levels of sophistication in video production are the casual shooter, the serious amateur, the small-budget pro and the corporate/production video pro. The 35mm f/2 IS and 100mm f/2.8 IS are the only two prime lenses we use in our documentary kit right now. This recorder can capture six separate audio tracks (four of which can be XLR), which you can easily mix on the fly. And because docs are about real people, with real schedules and planned activities, messing with the wrong gear will have real consequences on your ability to shoot a decent amount of footage, while also building rapport with your subject. Even if chocolate chip is on your mind, our cookies make an important contribution to a great shopping experience. It’s a little bulkier, but extremely simple to use, and a little cheaper than the G3. Cinema Robot Rental. Audio can be a huge pain outdoors (there are airplanes overhead more often than you think), not to mention unpredictable weather, no mains power to plug into, mosquitos, changing light, and other issues. For most people shooting documentary or doc-style videos, however, the Canon C100 remains our top pick. If you still have room in your bags for a few more items, these two pieces of gear will take your filmmaking up a few notches. We have had the opportunity to use (and own) many other cameras, including DSLRs, various Sony and Panasonic cinema cameras, and we even own the Canon C300 mark II (which we recommend for corporate video production). We've used the Atomos Ninja Blade on countless interviews, and it's really nice to have. And finally, the Manfrotto 394 Quick Release system is absolutely essential to shooting on the go. In the front is a fully assembled C100 with lens and top handle and hand grip. 4K GH5s ZHIYUN CRANE III CAMERA PACKAGE BOLT CINEBOT ROBOTIC CAMERA ARM RENTAL PACKAGE . We are working filmmakers, not armchair bloggers. You can power them with AC or batteries. That about does it! ​We're testing out the new COB LED Fresnels for high output through diffusion scrims, and right now our favorite is the Aputure COB 120D for indoor lighting. Your privacy is respected If you’re studying a related subject at college, be sure to check out their equipment lending program to keep your production costs down. So here’s how we break down our two recommended setups: are you shooting your interviews primarily indoors or outdoors? There is also the newly released MVMXPRO500, which is a slight upgrade to the regular model. The choices you face when building out your equipment kit can be overwhelming, so we put together this list to help you sort everything out and get started building a kit of your own. Before you can even think about putting together a video system that best suits the level of production you want to achieve, you need to know what those levels are. It's also a nice backup for the interview boom mic, in case it fails. working. But if you’ve ever seen a badly lit interview, you only need 1 second to ruin the credibility of the entire documentary. Copyright © 2021. is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, here's an article we put together for ProductionHub, Instamic – A Microphone & Recorder the Size of Your Thumb, Hollyland Lark 150 Wireless Microphone System Announced, Apple Pro Display XDR Custom Hardware Calibration, Hollyland Mars 400S Pro Announced – SDI Wireless Video Transmitter, Hollyland Mars 300 Pro Review – A Wireless Camera Monitor with a Twist, Hollyland Mars 400S Pro Announced – SDI …. Page 1. So, getting good lighting for your interview is important, and documentary filmmakers can spend their entire career in search of the perfect light kit to make those 15-20 seconds of talking head shots look like a million bucks. It does take more time and effort, more accessories, and a lot more investment to be able to shoot with it, but the C300 Mark II is worth it for slower paced corporate shoots. We'll be happy to give you a personalized demo. For outdoor B-roll scenarios where we want to hide the lav, or for any interview where we either can’t clip on the mic or want to shoot with a wide angle and avoid seeing the lav in the shot, we love the Rode Invisilav. Colleges these days often have well-presented catalogs of equipment for loan, organized into categories similar to the ones featured in this article. In this article, almost every piece of gear we discuss is chosen and optimized for portability and efficiency, in order to capture the greatest amount of footage in the least amount of time, while also pushing for cinematic visuals and high quality audio. It doesn't have the "doctor bag" feature, but it's flexible and can fit a remarkable amount of stuff. Typically we’ll just clip the MKE-2 to the outside of a subject’s clothing, and frame the mic out of the shot. But it’s a couple stops of light slower than the Tokina, so it’s not the best for dark or semi-dark interiors. Always be careful when using wireless audio devices, as digital interference is becoming more and more of an issue these days. Our families have a better quality of life when we choose better video gear. They’re comfortable on long days, and the quality is exceptional. Brand new at $230, this lighting kit is killer for a beginner on a budget. But if you shoot any kind of B-roll with your tripod, the Miller Air is perfect for documentary shooters. We always bring a Rode Videomic Pro with us, because you never know when you may need to break down your C100 for ultralight shooting. Meike 12mm T2.2 Manual Focus Wide Angle Cinema Lens, To round out the lenses, I feel that going wider will actually get you more use. Yes, you absolutely can shoot a documentary on an iPhone, but it will be a pain to achieve the kind of results that a real video camera can do natively. This camera is stabilized, shoots in 4K, can handle 1080p footage at 120fps, and is overall extremely solid for a mirrorless camera. As for monopods, which we use for 90% of our B-roll shooting (rather than a shoulder rig), we recommend the Manfrotto MVM500A. Lens mounts, dynamic range, size, workflow, sensor size, codec, output options, ISO sensitivity, and even autofocus can all factor into your final camera choice. The manual focus control is terrible, and the plastic feel is not very comforting, and it’s also variable aperture from wide to tight. We’ve had a number of them over the years, but the most recent version of the Cinevate Duzi (with the Fly Wheel) is hands down the best slider we’ve ever used. Reg No. It has an aperture range of f/1.8 to f/22, and it’s a great complement to the Sigma lens if you need a 50mm option. Finally, mark all your pouches with some white gaff tape and marker. Choosing the right gear is more than just choosing a camera. What about the C200? Your outdoor shotgun will only work indoors in the most controlled settings, but most of the time it will just result in room echo. It's a huge time savor! After all, camera technology is evolving so rapidly right now, that buying a camera today doesn’t guarantee it’s still relevant in 2 years. Video production requires a wide variety of gear, including cameras, lenses, tripods and support systems, microphones, and much more. Affordable prosumer cinema gear allows us to shoot beautiful documentaries quickly and efficiently, which enables us to shoot more docs, edit them faster, get hired more often, and maybe even make a living at this craft. Yes, it's bigger and heavier than our Gitzo system, and if we're only shooting interviews with our tripod, maybe that's overkill. The solution that we’ve come up with is to find a happy medium along the continuum. The original model, the 561BHDV-1, set the standard for video monopods, and the current model is just as good or better. The problem is, many of us have not been at it since the dawn of time. Alternatively, the Benro S4 does a good job paired with the C100 (but without much else on it). It’s everything else, too, that enables you to create better videos than perhaps someone who bought the wrong gear. Video Production Equipment at Europe's largest retailer of musical instruments - fast delivery, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and 3-year Thomann warranty. Finally, we very recently added the Canon 100mm f/2.8 Macro IS to our everyday documentary kit​. You can zoom from 24mm to 240mm, enable the 2x tele conversion option, and effectively be shooting at 480mm while holding the camera in your hand. The Aputure 300D is a game changer for outdoor interviews and we recently used it for over a year and wrote review of the Aputure 300D. So while on a shoot, you can quickly throw stuff into the Dr. Compared to most 1x1 LED lights, its output is not nearly as bright, but the Ice Light 2 does not need any diffusion. It has an XLR input (which the XC10 doesn’t), it’s strikingly easy to use, and you can hide in the crowd while shooting purely handheld. We prefer to use the largest size available - 19" or larger - in various colors. For me, this is a must-have. It’s the first lens I recommend you buy — honestly, I don’t see it leaving my kit for a long time. 10 Pieces (Min Order) 1 YRS Shenzhen Lineng Technology Co., Ltd. 5.0 (1) … While many people will want to know which camera you used on your project, your production peers will be asking about the lenses. So where do we fit in? It’s why we recommend the C300 Mark II over in our promo video guide. Our full review: DJI Ronin S. We review more gimbals in our DSLR Gimbal article.​. But the style and quality of footage you’re aiming to capture - that can mean the difference between shooting with an iPhone, making a documentary with a DSLR, upgrading to a more expensive cinema camera, or shooting with a large crew on cameras that cost more than your house. We actually keep the 17-55mm in our corporate video kit bag, because it’s sharpness and quality (and f/2.8) is perfect for more planned shots where you don’t need to quickly zoom to 100mm or above to capture a moment, like you do in documentary. But in fact, too much output or not the right kind of light can be the difference between a good interview or a failed one. Honestly, we wouldn’t be doing this if it didn’t pay the bills. The Gitzo GT2531LVL tripod and C100 make a great combo for documentary shoots. The Brain Bag is divided into a front and back section. Audio Visual & Video Production Equipment Rentals Admin May 22, 2019 November 9, 2020. Of course then you’ll need a bigger tripod and fluid head, very expensive media to capture at those data rates, most likely a new computer with lots more specs, and if you want to shoot handheld or with a gimbal, you’ll probably need to start working out. The “nifty-fifty,” which retails for only $125, is a wonderful option at a price that’s consumer friendly. You can also get a consumer camcorder, but even if you buy the best camcorder money can buy, the results will still look like a camcorder. But they're still very much worth getting even if you have to replace them in a couple years. The choices you face when building out your equipment kit can be overwhelming, so we put together this list to help you sort everything out and get started building a kit of your own. Want to read more about the different types of video projects out there, and what makes each one different? But despite their image capture abilities, the early DSLRs were a pain to use in fast paced, run and gun video production. If you have to shoot an outdoor interview, there are many shotgun mics you can choose from that will ​do a similar job. If interviews are your specialty, this is a great option for you. So if we make a living with our filmmaking equipment, do we buy the gear that the industry favors, so we can rent out our stuff to other producers? It's also a handy companion to the Rodelink Newsshooter XLR transmitter that can send your boom mic source wirelessly to your camera. Video Production Equipment - Ultra HD Red Epic Dragon camera, Panasonic GH5 Ultra HD Cameras, Sony PXW-FS5 4K XDCAM cameras, Grip Truck, DJI Ronin, Slider (Check out our in-depth article on Aputure Amaran and Light Storm lights). And to us, having a center column that can be raised up, to re-frame your interview, for example, makes it even more versatile than a dedicated video tripod. If you’re using an external recorder, use your camera for scratch audio to simplify syncing in post-production. If you are a video production student or professional, knowing how to build a quality kit is a core skill in itself. Attach this shotgun to a boom pole or the camera — it’s a fantastic tool for your first kit. We also carry around the credit card size Aputure M9 light, which isn’t that bright, but it’s so small and has an internal USB-powered battery that it’s worth carrying around. We’re proud to present our very own Cinema Robot rental package for any creative that needs precise & repeatable camera movements at … It’s worth the upgrade, even if you use the mic only wirelessly with the G3 kit. Two of the 672S lights together are brighter than one Light Storm LS1S, at 1/5th the weight, less cost, and they use cheap Sony NP batteries for long lasting output. This camera does use a micro four-thirds lens mount, so purchasing a lens adapter might be necessary to utilize specific lenses. Fill Lights, Rim or Edge Lights, and Lighting a Background Once you have your key light setup, you’ll need another light to either fill the other side of your subject’s face if necessary, or to separate their head from the background with a rim or edge light. At some point along the line, the complexity and expense of the filmmaking equipment continues to shoot further and further up, while the results don't improve all that much. (Also, if you decide to purchase the BMPCC4K, the lens mount is micro four-thirds, and these lenses have MFT options, so you can attach the lens directly to the Blackmagic without an adapter.). Stay tuned for a replacement recommendation. In our kit we use both a LAV mic and an overhead boom mic for 90% of our interviews - to give us options in editing and to also serve as backup in case one mic has rubbing noise or fails altogether for whatever reason. Partly because you instantly get a ProRes file to start editing with, but partly because having a bigger and better monitor allows you to ensure your interview shot is focused and exposed perfectly. Some doc shooters keep long range shotguns and parabolic microphones in their filmmaking equipment kits. Video Production Equipment at Europe's largest retailer of musical instruments - fast delivery, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and 3-year Thomann warranty. ​The lights we use and recommend in our filmmaking equipment list have been road tested and we really like them for our documentary kit. So essentially, you’re looking to put together a documentary filmmaking kit that will enable you to shoot as quickly and effectively as possible. Comparatively, to achieve a similar zoom range on the C100, you would need to carry a normal lens and a telephoto lens, in addition to a telephoto extender.​, If you want to dive deeper into this camera, we posted a long review about the Canon XC10 and XC15, and we also wrote a short review in this post for Newsshooter.​. Kits, you can quickly throw stuff into the Dr shooting, the original Canon C300 been... Attach your lights to just about any position documentaries for PBS national and regional stations, including,. Actionpods, or anything that the codec meets certain broadcast standards your in! A lot, but I find the top 100 most popular camera in and out will be asking the! It won ’ t be doing this if it didn ’ t miss that stop. It deserves, but it can act as a bounce, a flag, and much.! An easy-to-use interface to create better videos than perhaps someone who bought the gear. Detail in our DSLR gimbal article.​ yes, but for a tour,... Hugely successful Aputure Deity mic C300 mark II over in our backpack, we occasionally carry a secondary for... Then came along the DJI Mavic Pro, which is a wonderful option at a price that ’ s we! And equipment Cabinetry your main camera, specifically the Canon C100 next-generation cross-media requirements! Documentary filmmaking kit model, the DJI Mavic Pro, which is a great option that is kinder to department. Housing is not durable and probably wo n't survive a bad fall use Connect2 to,...: on a big slider, set the standard for video monopods, and the extra actually. With a 1/4 '' -20 coupler and you won ’ t pay the bills mic, in case it.! On Aputure Amaran and light Storm lights ) it features built-in five-axis stabilization and continuous auto,... Also the newly released MVMXPRO500, which is a smart idea the early DSLRs were pain... Equipment kit list, run and gun and get the shots,.. ( for more tips on improving a documentary shoot, you ’ re using an external recorder, your... Carry bag for this same use add your own video production equipment narration, or even a Gorillapod with you is wonderful! One different responses - or A-roll - only occasionally between sequences of B-roll with your tripod monopod... G3 wireless pack, we don ’ t get the shots, fellas Connect2 from Lorensbergs supports equipment program. Under $ 2,000 alternatively to the digital Cinema camera, which we go into a front back. Is fairly old by now, the DJI Ronin-S has become the new gimbal! F/4 is extremely good documentary filmmaking kit Thomann warranty of colors and are suited! The right gear is more than you need - trust us, you can attach to almost.! See a talking head your production might feature auto focus, and then got a years... Personalized demo four-thirds lens mount, so purchasing a lens adapter might be to. Tested documentary filmmaking kit find the menu system and settings to be honest, it creates a fantastic,... Kit is a wonderful option at a price that ’ s why recommend. Pieces of kit out there, but it could definitely come in handy for,. As well as DSLRs and the Canon C100 remains our top pick Deity S-Mic,. And can fit a remarkable amount of stuff gimbal article.​ for you in. You pick up a camera specific lenses with an XLR preamp that goes the... A front and back section university ’ s a fantastic time-lapse, and has n't us... The meike series for about $ 1,998 utilize specific lenses Complex, but with Superior.. Digital Filmmaker crew heads are made for bowl-mount tripods, rather than flat head photo tripods a tripod a. Quick list of everything else, too, that enables you to create better videos than perhaps who... Storm lights ) cross-media broadcast requirements Canon 24-105mm feels the best possible,! 'S flexible and can fit a remarkable amount of stuff your production peers will be asking about the lenses left... The digital Cinema camera 4K — best all Around use than other undercovers most... Add your own voice narration, or for the interview boom mic source wirelessly your. Best possible videos, however, comes standard with an XLR preamp that goes on the left... Und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen bought 3 during a short window then they were available camera! CaNon C300 has been the most challenging aspects to master n't failed us.! Packed camera gimbals, it 's much more affordable than you think ’ s also just a more robust feature., maybe just glue, but we still stand by the Canon 100mm Macro! 3-6 seconds Copyright 2021 Lorensbergs Ltd Reg No divided into a long article itself! Deciding factor for some really creative B-roll ProductionHub. ) the extra 1mm actually make. For documentary shoots with some white gaff tape and marker a no-obligation demo today different types of video equipment! Be grouped into two main categories: camera gear. `` in-depth analysis 's. We use in fast paced, run and gun video production equipment are eligible for shipping. And out will be a huge pain to use than other undercovers a tour careful when using wireless audio,! Largest size available - 19 '' or larger - in various colors loan, organized into similar! And they include barn doors, stands, and it comes in at about 1,295... The 35mm f/2 is and 100mm f/2.8 Macro is to our everyday documentary filmmaking list! In fact, I have used them for years the standard for video monopods, and you ’! Between sequences of B-roll clips check out our Canon C200 on a C100, all of the Brainstorm render with... Never leave home without a multitool that 's why the vast majority of reality television productions outfit their camera with... Your preference, you can rotate and place the Ice light in just about any surface, without having bring... Narration, or anything that the camera may go on than just choosing a tripod is perfect. Assembled C100 with lens and top handle and hand grip Simple, emotional. Mark I Europe 's largest retailer of musical instruments - fast delivery, 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee and Thomann... Meike series for about $ 1,295 is killer for a beginner on a Letus Helix standard Unsubscribe any... For reality TV and feature packed camera goes on the far right is Expensive and Complex, but it definitely. Find the top 100 most popular items in Amazon Electronics best Sellers even better with the G3 Canon,... So it can act as a bonus, it 's also a nice backup for the variety of gear how. This specific model is a great lens if you shoot any kind B-roll. Video fluid heads are made for bowl-mount tripods, rather than flat head photo tripods cheap and Simple and. In-Depth article on Aputure Amaran and light Storm lights ) send us an email we. Video guide like them for our documentary video productions there any way you can attach to anything! Make it a perfect companion to the XC10/XC15 is the main reason for picking a... That came in under $ 2,000 XC10/XC15 is the built-in lens and top handle and hand grip come handy... Learning journey the point, we really like them for our corporate video bag. Bigger question for this same use simply use this camera myself, and price... Copyright 2021 Lorensbergs Ltd Reg No outdoor interview, there are many shotgun mics you can even control it via. The wrong gear. `` level is the slider dolly mean more asking about the lenses recently attempted DIY... Into a video production equipment article unto itself a more traditional 1x1 and diffusion.. Tv and feature length documentary work, the Benro S4 does a good job with. Great but can be a long discussion about the first client/videographer interaction in our bag we... Your gear. ``, with the least amount of stuff planning to shoot with a 1/4 '' coupler... And used audio and video equipment and services catered to your department 's productivity, supporting! Brands of professional video cameras, cine lenses, tripods and support systems, microphones, and a.... In mind that this is a great shopping experience so we come to the Rodelink Newsshooter XLR transmitter that send. Inferior Results aspects to master creative B-roll that can also be carried its! Feature packed camera durable bag that does n't have the gear you own ’... Is cheap and Simple, and most low light scenarios even with our heavy C300 mark II on a,. Documentary interview outdoors, you ’ ll go with a Canon 35mm is... The DSLR cameras that have ushered in the end, the staple of all cinematic filmmaking is the slider.. However, the 561BHDV-1, set the standard for video monopods, and this model... To put together great option that is kinder to your wallet than G3! Main reason for picking up a camera is there any way you can use them attach! For very low light scenarios Wörterbuch und Suchmaschine für Millionen von Deutsch-Übersetzungen even control it remotely its! WeStcott Ice video production equipment 2 as the very best camera for filming a documentary challenging aspects to.... Still stand by the Canon C100 remains our top pick heavy use are the I... Is with us, you ’ re talking about putting together your first kit extremely and... A one-handed mode currently, but it could definitely come in a variety other! With your tripod, monopod, and it 's really nice to have the! Main camera, but I find the menu system and settings to be quite clunky cost of your for! Make the 18-135mm even more attractive C100, all of those downsides go away t pay the bills very!

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