Useful Tips

To reach Lumiar and São Pedro da Serra from Rio de Janeiro you can take the Rio-Niterói bridge and follow the BR 101 road through Manilha (Itaboraí). Do not enter in Itaboraí, follow the so-called Contour road. Work around the access to Itaboraí and take the way to Cachoeiras de Macacu and Nova Friburgo.

– Another way you can choose is to take the Rio-Petrópolis road. Instead of going up to Petrópolis you have to take the Rio-Teresópolis road. In ParadaModelo (Guapimirim) you will take the way to Cachoeiras de Macacu-RJ. Your last option is more long, but the possibility of facing a car jamwhem you choose it is smaller (lasting 2-3 hours by car).

– If you come by bus, only the 1001 company offers this trip and the buses depart hourly from Niterói or RJ from the bus station. Get off the bus at the South Bus Station in Nova Friburgo.

– The power voltage used in Lumiar and São Pedro da Serra (soon in Nova Friburgo) is 220 V.

– Due to its high altitude (considering the Brazilian standards – from 700 to 1000m) our region display a low temperature both in summer and winter, so you must always bring a warm jacket even in summer.

– Cab service is not offered, except somes and ubers

 In Lumiar and São Pedro da Serra districts, the infrastructure is modest. It is good to know that:

A) They have no bank services, not even 24 h cabins.

B) They do not offer24h medical assistance, only found during business hours during the week in the public medical clinicsin Lumiar and São Pedro da Serra.

C) Most establishments do not accept credit or debitcards.

D) We have mobile signal only from Vivo and Claro companies, but in a fewplaces (mainly in Lumiar).

E) Pharmacies  only work until 8 pm.

F) Lumiar is located 30 km far fromthe center of Nova Friburgo.

G) Unfortunately most commercial establishments only work during the weekends. Only hostels operate 24 hours and,eventhen,some only do so by previous booking. Check it before leaving home.

H) There are some out sourced services you can ask for, jeep tours, hiking, rafting and abseiling.In the local inns and commerce it is possible to obtain information about them.

I) There is a policestation in Lumiar.

J) Wehaveonly a post office in Lumiar (nexttothe soccer field) and in São Pedro da Serra (in the main square).

K) There is a gasstationonlyatthe entrance of Lumiar and it is opened until 10 pm (there is no fuelgas avaiable – CNG).


– If you are by car, a good tour is to come to Vargem Alta, taking an accessory way from the Mury-Lumiar road. Taking RJ-142 road towards Vargem Alta you will travel through 6 km of paved road and the restant way, which goes to São Pedro da Serra (13 km), is a dirt road that passes through the 2ndbiggest flower producer in Brazil (Vargem Alta), that belongs to the district of São Pedro da Serra, Nova Friburgo-RJ.

– In Lumiar, do not forget to visit the waterfalls of the Encontro dos Rios, Feio Well, São José waterfall, Indiana Jones waterfall, Verde well and Toca da Onça well.

– Visit the villages of Galdinópolis where you will find the Brancawaterfall, Macaé de Cima and Rio Bonito de Cima districts located in the Atlantic Forest Reserve of Macaé de Cima.

– Visit Pedra Riscada and Serra Queimada mountain (a 3-hour walk, from where you can see Rio das Ostras-RJ beach).But you must remember: always take a local guide.