Lumiar is located near the Atlantic Forest of Macaé de Cima (a village of Lumiar) where beginsthe Macaé river spring, which also passes through the municipality of Macaé. This river gives rise to the majority of the waterfalls of the region through the several slopes located in it. (Macaé de Cima – Environmental Protection Area).

Lumiar is also a reference in gastronomy, artcrafts and in its tracks and walks.

In spite of being a great choice for those who enjoy Ecotourism, Lumiar did not lost its rustic character.

Lumiar and São Pedro da Serra – districts of Nova Friburgo-RJ, located in Rio de Janeiro mountains anddistantone from anotherby only 6 km – were in the 70’s much attended by hippies and backpackers and still preserve their rustic character. In the last years, the number of hotels, inns, restaurants, local beer and other services have increased.

The so-called Encontro dos Rios is the point where Rio Bonito river falls into the Macaé river. Those who want to go farther can reach the Toca da Onça well (located 10 km far from Lumiar and 4 km fromthe paved road). The Belo well locates in the way to Boa Esperança, a small village of Lumiar. Another great choice is our Mágico well, located inside the Pousada Caminho das Candeias. In Boa Esperança de Cima, another village of Lumiar, stands the canyon called “Indiana Jones”, a small tunnel with hugestones named after an image from the movie “Indiana Jones”. In this same village of Boa Esperança de Cima, you can also find the São José Waterfall, a private property, where a fee is paid to enter (check first if it is open during the week).